Stas Kostyushkin: “If you again fall for Alla Pugacheva then married”

Стас Костюшкин: «Если еще раз упаду на Аллу Пугачеву, то женюсь» The actor spoke about the relationship with his wife and with colleagues in show business. Stas Kostyushkin admitted why arguing with his wife, and said, what demands she presents to him.
Стас Костюшкин: «Если еще раз упаду на Аллу Пугачеву, то женюсь»

LOVE MY WIFE FOR WHAT SHE is… is who she is. In General, I also like the phrase by Paulo Coelho “Love does not tolerate motivations”. In other words, if you have to person true feelings, I can’t explain why they have to him. Love Julia not only good, but bad: for example, when she takes out my brain, or that argues, if we do not coincide in opinion.

A PHRASE THAT is OFTEN heard in our HOUSE… “Maysa, well, when will it end?” Pronounce spouse regardless of the situation and may not always sound logical, but it just so happened in the family.

The MIDDLE SON, BOGDAN, is the SAME AS I,… emotional. Suspicious, suspicious, as not to upset over nothing, but quickly departs. And he most similar to me. Bogdan – my copy, Mirochka, the youngest, looks just like Julia, and Martuska mix, but most took from my mom. And in this it was unbelievable, because our boys are people with different looks and characters. The only thing that unites them – the love of meat. All three of them, apparently, never become vegetarians.

SOMETIMES I can be STRICT WITH him, IF HE… becomes a trough and limp. Want to be in it formed a hard male rod. And with Myron to include a “bad COP” does not work: it is too small and, by the way, now he is building us.

UNABLE to ARGUE WITH the WIFE OVER THAT… not enough money.

JEALOUS…WHEN JULIA goes with her friends to go snowboarding without me. Although always let himself freedom, and I don’t like anything to restrict others. But if she’s not answering the phone when they call, or responding to a message that all begin to draw such pictures… And, on the one hand, it becomes this bad, and with another – joy: we have so many years together, and I’m still in love with her!

Стас Костюшкин: «Если еще раз упаду на Аллу Пугачеву, то женюсь»

In the SUMMER WE PLAN to GO… first to Turkey and then to Montenegro. Rather, it was Julia and the boys will go and I will work for the good of the family.

CONSIDER YOURSELF WHIPPED, BECAUSE… every man, in my opinion, must sometimes meet the wife. Although I’m at home, definitely home, but when Julia chooses a place of rest or restaurant, I agree with her.

Most OFTEN, FANS WRITE THAT I’m… handsome. And still cute.

Do NOT DRINK ALCOHOL, BECAUSE… it’s a bit bitter and I don’t like.

WHEN you NEED to lose WEIGHT, abandon… sweet. Replace it with honey. But allow yourself one “harmful” drinking Coca-Cola Zero. Yes, not useful, but tasty!

OUTFITS FOR PERFORMANCES BUY… where necessary. After all, what you are wearing is not important. My mother used to say: the body must be so formed that any, even the cheapest, the clothes looked expensive. And I think it is, so I all goes. ✔

AS a FORMER JUDOKA TODAY, is PREPARED to use his FISTS,… IF there is a threat to my family or I have simply no for a person other arguments. Although generally believe that aggression is a weakness, a return to the Primate order.

FRIEND EGOR DRUZHININ LOVE… there’s a barbecue, to talk and to lament the fact that there is not enough time to play computer games. I love them, I even have a virtual helmet. Long dreamed about it, and when I finally wore, told his wife: “God, have I lived to this moment and now immersed in another reality?” She laughed: “You talk like an old man”.

I get SAD WHEN… lose perspective. Or no confidence in what tomorrow will create something better than what it was yesterday. Yes, I wrote “Fi, no Wi-Fi” and “Woman, I don’t dance” – songs that sound out all cracks, but can in the future to give more successful hits? In times of doubt, sorrow rolls.

Стас Костюшкин: «Если еще раз упаду на Аллу Пугачеву, то женюсь»

Most of ALL RELAX HELP ME… buddies in Ryazan. When you meet, ride motorcycles, washed in the bath and eat a lot. These people are very good to me energetically in their company, I really rest. We have different professions and interests, comrades, far from the world of show business, but it so happened that for many years close friends.

On INSTAGRAM I STARTED the CATEGORY “THAT’s the TALK,” WHERE… make fun of themselves. People need to understand that this is a very useful skill, then they will cease to be so vicious.

RARELY PUT up a photo of his WIFE AND CHILDREN IN SOCIAL NETWORKS BECAUSE… show subscribers only the most interesting moments of our lives. To put that anyhow to load people extra information is not considered necessary.

ESLAND JULIA have a DAUGHTER, WE… give her a name. And what, unless I say so.

IF I, AS DREAMED of MY MOTHER, MARRIED ANNA NETREBKO,… anywhere else would not have worked, but only toured and carried her Cup of coffee.

All TAUGHT by BOGDAN… “women do not expect anything good!” And analyze their actions and take responsibility for them. ✔ MARTIN… WANTS to BECOME a composer. Used to be a professional skiing, wanted to associate the life with sports. But now focused on a career musician, he enjoys hip-hop and bitmeykerstvom.

Withthe EVENTS THAT I WOULD LIKE to EXPERIENCE AGAIN… the same night that Julia and I spent five hours in the car. Could not stop talking, and eventually she said, “you May kiss me already?” I could not believe my ears… what happened next was incredibly cool.


To KEEP fit, I… every day running around the woods with Bogdan. A very effective way: 6-7 miles a day and in a month you will see in the mirror of another person.

Worries THAT his WIFE… will not achieve your goals. She dreams of becoming an actress or a TV presenter and has all the talent. It’s a shame that those who are more suitable profession housewife, working “in the TV”, and who could decorate blue screens, forced to cook soup.

IF I GAVE 10 MILLION RUBLES, I… you can pay your debts.

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