«Мобильная блондинка»  тает от любви
Svetlana Stepankovsky, who previously played in the group “Mobile blondes”, always stood out not only a spectacular appearance, but also enveloping low tone of voice.

«Мобильная блондинка»  тает от любви

Here’s the new song “love your Ty” will envelop the listener with her magical voice and music space, covering, like a wave.

This is the second solo composition Sveta, but she does not want to focus only on her career. She has a diploma of the Shchukin theatre Institute and played roles in popular films and television series: “Caviar”, “enjoy yourself, Bob”, “Dad on vyrost”, “Kitchen in Paris”, “Two fathers and two sons”, “Loot”, “Univer” and many others.

«Мобильная блондинка»  тает от любви

Light was always distinguished by his enormous desire to develop, therefore, in parallel with the release of the single “love of his Ty”, successfully tries himself in front of the camera as an actress and is now starring in the military drama for the First channel.

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