Stas Kostyushkin admitted fidelity to his wife

Стас Костюшкин признался в верности жене Singer and TV presenter celebrate its 10-year anniversary from the day of the wedding. Yulia and Stas Kostushkin published each other congratulations. Words spouses touched their fans to the core.

      Many did not believe that the marriage of the Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina last long. When the couple formalized their relationship in 2006, the gossips predicted the stars of the imminent divorce, as both creative artist and born leaders. Today, actor and TV presenter celebrate the tenth anniversary of the date of the wedding.

      Over the years family life Stas and Yulia did not lose feelings but, on the contrary, became closer and dearer. In December last year, was born the second child of the couple, whom they named Myron. Nine-year-old Bogdan were expecting the birth of a baby brother, and now surrounds him with concern.

      In the morning Kostyushkin wrote to his wife congratulations on the anniversary from the day of the wedding, which touched his fans. The actor admitted that he and his wife still keep each other loyalty, and their feelings are becoming stronger.

      “God! Ten years from the wedding day with Julia! I love you, dear! On the reverse side of wedding rings you and says “loyalty”, and how nice to know that over these 10 years no one broke their word. The only thing that scares, that every year I understand more and more that I can’t live without you,” wrote the wife Kostyushkin.

      Video posted by Julia Kostyushkin (@karapylka) Jul 22 2016 12:29 PDT

      In turn, Yulia also sent her husband a virtual greeting through a social network. In addition, she has published in his microblog an excerpt from the program “the Wedding planner” in which the couple recalled how it was the happiest day of their lives. It turns out that during the wedding ceremony, Yulia could not hold back emotions and tears of happiness.

      “That moment when you and me declared husband and wife, in my heart breath, face flowed with tears and a lump in my throat was so big I just had nothing to say! And now, 10 years later, watch this bit of film, with me happens the same! I love you, my dear, all the best in my life is connected only with you!”, – posted by Stas wife.

      Julia Kostyushkin first showed her figure after childbirth

      We will remind, recently the whole family returned from a holiday by the sea. Kostyushkina had a great time in Sunny Croatia. Holiday pictures Julia looks postroynevshaya, and she became a mother just over six months ago. Stas did not stop to admire a wife.

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