Oleg Gazmanov accepts congratulations on the anniversary

Олег Газманов принимает поздравления с юбилеем Relatives and friends of the artist don’t be stingy with pleasant words addressed to the birthday child. Oleg Gazmanov celebrates 65th anniversary. President Vladimir Putin did not leave unnoticed such an important date for the musician. The wife of singer and composer had prepared for her husband an unexpected surprise.

      One of the brightest Russian pop artists Oleg Gazmanov celebrates anniversary. A favourite singer of millions of listeners under the age of 65. Family, friends, colleagues and many fans rushed to congratulate the hero of the day. In the morning the artist gets best wishes to the birthday. Of course the first who congratulated birthday, became the closest family – wife Marina and children.

      “Oleg! Today is such a day, when thousands of people from all over the country will say happy anniversary to your 65th anniversary! Warm words in your address will be flying in an endless stream! But my hope is in your adolescence completely dead! And it’s great, Mikhalych, dance, you’re always young!” wrote wife Gazmanov in the microblog.

      The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has congratulated the honoured artist with the anniversary. On the website of the head of state telegram was published Gazmanov.

      “Brilliant, outstanding talent, sincere passion, a desire for new creative peaks and active citizenship help You stay popular, in-demand professional singer and composer, to participate in public and cultural life of the country, charitable and Patriotic projects”, such text appeared on the official website of the leader of the country.

      Many colleagues of Oleg on the scene also hastened to congratulate the celebrant. Igor Nikolaev could not fail to observe an important date in the life of Oleg. “Mikhalych, my friend, always in a rush to get you behind the scenes of concerts, tennis court (often!) and simply life! Happy anniversary!” – written by the artist in the microblog and published a joint with Oleg photo.

      Spouse Gazmanov Marina showed a surprise arranged for her beloved husband’s birthday. In the yard he was waiting for the horse-rocking chair. In the hands of Oleg was holding a toy sword and gun. All around it was decorated with orange balloons. Fans appreciated this unexpected gift wife Gazmanov. Fans also congratulated the favorite artist on the anniversary.

      “Well, how lovely! Here it is the secret of genius is to keep the spirit of childhood, without losing optimism! Love is 1,000,000 years!” “Sincerely wish to be as a “young man” and more! Love, energy, positivity!”, “Beloved, unique and completely unique Oleg Gazmanov congratulations on the anniversary! Yay! Amazing story – the rounder calendar date from Oleg, the younger he becomes! Keep it up! Enjoy your life and delight us with their songs, clear day, such good humor…just what you are!” – wrote fans kind words.


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