Книга Ольги Бузовой вызвала ажиотаж у поклонников The presenter shared great success. Olga Buzova in mid-may, announced to followers that begin to describe the thorny path to happiness. Little more than two months it took the celebrity to please fans of the literary work.

      In mid-may, the former participant reality show “House-2”, and now his TV-host Olga Buzova shared with his fans great news. Although, for the life of the screen star seen more than five and a half million followers on Instagram, she decided to become even closer to the fans. All your thoughts, as well as vast life experience of a 30-year Buzova decided to state in the book “the Price of happiness.” Apparently, the inspiration Olga was so strong that just two months later she completed the autobiography. But for Buzova was it’s not how much time she spent on the creation story, but the reviews of fans. She did not expect that the book would cause such a stir. Pre-orders beat the wildest dreams of Olga.

      “My good. Done! My book, which I worked so long – went to print! It will be a miracle: the most honest and sincere book, for which I even created my own scent! The first edition of 10,000 copies is almost sold out. Even before the release. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly! Yet the book can still be ordered online, and even with a bottle of my perfume” – wrote in His microblog.

      In order to make the book truly special, Olga even went to Germany to develop your own flavor. Each page is impregnated with spirits, which was released in a limited quantity.

      “Just imagine, you open the book, and the air immediately fills with a wonderful aroma. It gives a feeling of mild euphoria and include somewhere inside of you a little sun, which gives heat and light. I want to give this miracle to every reader his book”, – shared His happiness with “StarHit”. – Soon will make a video about the trip, where they will tell, what will be its flavor, and how Christophe and “conjured” over it”.

      Apparently, Buzova spent a lot of sleepless nights, laying out on paper all your thoughts and life stories, as soon as possible wanting to please future readers. She openly talked about the thorny path to fame, how she had to overcome various difficulties and enemies. Olga outlines your own philosophy of life and Outlook on life. The fans are looking forward to August when I will be able to hold a book Buzova. Olga Buzova spoke of the special love

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