Paris Hilton will create an Empire of hotels

Пэрис Хилтон создаст свою империю отелей

Adult relative of Paris Hilton a few years ago was extremely unhappy with her behavior, I decided that the in the will on inheritance of the Empire of Hilton hotels name Paris mean will not. Since then, it took a lot of time, however, the 35-year-old socialite still not in favor with his own family and yet is irrelevant to the business.

To despair about it, Paris did not and decided to prove to the family that without their involvement in her life, she is able to do something independently. The girl was determined to create a competitor to Hilton hotels, the private hotel chain.

As reported by Daily Mail, the first three hotels will appear in Dubai, new York and Las Vegas: the places on Earth, where she happens most often.

The press release says that the hotels in Paris will be radically different from the conditions that offer its guests Hilton. It will be a luxury hotels beach theme. Paris already has experience of creation of such institutions: it has participated in the development of a network of beach clubs Paris Beach Club in Manila, in the Philippines, which successfully operate in 2014.

Note that Paris is not the only family Hilton, who creates competitor to hotels your grandfather Conrad Hilton.

Her younger sister Nicole is the owner of his own hotels Nicky O , in Miami and Chicago, which are not included in the family network Hilton Hotels. Opening date of establishments in Paris are not yet known.

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