Звезды-консерваторы, которые десятилетиями не меняют имидж


Some stars like Kylie Jenner, is ready to change hair color at least every week, while others have found your ideal way and faithful to him. In our material talk about Shakira, Jennifer aniston, Natalia Vodianova, Christy Brinkley and other celebrities which don’t exactly consider myself a lover of bold experiments with the appearance.


Considering recent photo of Shakira, we see the same fiery beauty with a shock of Golden hair from the clip Whenever, Wherever. Indeed, since the release of the video, it’s been 17 years and the singer, who gave birth to two children, her beloved Gerard Pique, haven’t changed. All the same hairstyle, girlish slim figure, minimal makeup and a charming smile.

Jennifer Aniston

The TV series “Friends” ended long ago and thousands of young women everywhere ask their hairdressers to give them “the Rachel haircut”. Image Jennifer aniston is, without exaggeration, be called a cult. From year to year at the events we see the actress with straight, flowing hair like sun-bleached. Apparently, the most beautiful woman in the world according to People the year before, with makeup, experimenting is not going to.

Jennifer Lopez

In the late 90s Jennifer Lopez waived his dark hair color and dyed it light blonde, to zero the singer was addicted to bronzers, patch lashes, beige high gloss and smooth tails. In fact, since then almost nothing has changed. See for yourself!

Gwen Stefani

Since the group No Doubt we’re used to seeing Gwen Stefani platinum blonde with red lipstick. In the late 90s from the Tomboy with braces she turned into a glamorous pop diva a La Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. Without favorite red lipstick, the singer feels “naked”, so it always gets – even on vacation with the family. In General, the star says don’t leave home without their brand of retromania.

Cindy Crawford

With age, you completely change, you have another skin, hair, body. I work on myself, but I understand that I am 52 years old. Now to keep in shape is much harder, said Cindy Crawford in an interview. We believe that a supermodel yourself too critical, because the star has remained unchanged, right?

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova hundreds of times appeared in unusual images during photo shoots and shows, but in everyday life it does not make extravagant haircuts and not dying her hair unusual shades. All social events, mother of many children comes with natural hair and makeup by sudovym.

Irina Shayk

With hairstyles and creative makeup lover Bradley Cooper is ready to experiment only on the set and outside of it the model appears with minimal makeup and loose hair.

Звезды-консерваторы, которые десятилетиями не меняют имидж Звезды-консерваторы, которые десятилетиями не меняют имидж Звезды-консерваторы, которые десятилетиями не меняют имидж

Kate Middleton

It is unlikely that we will ever see Kate Middleton wearing red lips, dark curls and blue nail Polish. The Protocol is the Protocol. She can’t (and probably unwilling) to afford such a metamorphosis. Shiny brown hair, body styling, soft blush and long eyelashes, the wife of Prince William is able to emphasize your natural beauty.

Dita von Teese

Makeup in retro style business card of the Queen of burlesque Dita von Teese. Black as a Raven hair and flawlessly smooth, like white snow, skin, hands, cute mole, voluminous eyelashes and, of course, red lipstick, without which the star did not even go out to the store.

Now hardly anyone remembers that Heather Sweet (this is real name of celebrity) was a pretty blonde and burning brunette-seductress. By the way, love hats in Dita, probably, already in blood.

Christie Brinkley

The star of the ‘ 90s, model Christie Brinkley is not the first decade does not get tired to admire its beauty and youth. In his 64 years, celebrity looks for 45, partly by elaborate beauty Luca. Tanned skin, a MOP of shiny hair, nodoby lip gloss, radiant smile — it seems that even the parting of Christie has not changed over the decades.

Julianne Moore

“Red witch” — joking about Julianne Moore fans. Different fans can’t explain the fact that the actress manages to freeze time, without resorting to surgical procedures (according to the star, it does not accept any Botox or various anti-aging treatments). The actress chooses the time-tested images and rarely experimenting with makapa and pilings.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Someone will call the images of Gwyneth Paltrow’s boring, but we will say that a star is just a conservative to the bone. But its never been accused of vulgarity or bad taste. Usually, Oscar-winning actress prefers nodulosa makeup: perfect tone, highlighter on the cheekbones, gently accent the eyes and beige lipstick (and star uses only organic cosmetics).

Gwyneth is always precisely trimmed, perfectly smooth hair, divided parted in the middle. By the way, many believe that this is Gwyneth Paltrow, not Jennifer aniston styled straightened with a Flatiron, “mirror” strands.

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