Тушь с березовым соком, заколки для пучка и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Face masks with shiitake mushrooms and matsutake, mascara with birch charcoal and juice, aromatic “bombs” for bath in the form of reindeer and other beauty innovations of the week — in our review.

Toilet water Chanel No. 5 perfume and No. 5 L’eau vial of crimson glass

For the first time in the history of the House transparent bottle, personally invented by Mademoiselle Chanel, is enveloped in a scarlet color: limited edition released free water N°5 and L’eau eau de Parfum N°5 in a 100 ml bottle of scarlet glass (products are displayed only in the perfume and cosmetic boutiques Chanel, as well as networks of perfumes and cosmetics Ile De Beaute and Sephora). Also released 55 numbered bottles of Chanel No. 5 from Baccarat crystal, but they have to fly to Paris, Russia’s limido not to buy. New items specially released for Christmas and New year.

Chanel chose this floral-aldehyde fragrance, wore it all his life, and a trace of perfume is regarded as his mascot. Red, according to the authors, pays tribute to the intense and passionate love Gabrielle’s work, the art and the main men in her life.

Clip to beams Clicky Bun, Invisibobble (550 RUB.)

Elastic-spring invisibobble will often help you quickly create the perfect hairstyle, whether it’s tight or sloppy braid. This fall, the brand introduced its new development — a hairpin to create beams Clicky Bun. Clamp the hair between the two parts of the clips and roll them from the bottom up. Snap both sides of the pins to bend inside. Ready!

Barrette is available in two shades: Nude To Be, Or To Be for blondes and Pretzel Brown for brunettes.


New products for lips from Romanovamakeup

Makeup artist Olga Romanova has released a lipstick and lip pencil Sexy Lipstick Pen is the perfect ludowego shade that repeats the color of the lips.
Conceiving the shade Vintage Rose, I wanted him not much different from the natural shade of lips, but gave them greater richness and brightness. The result was nodoby berry shade that can refresh any image. Ideal for those who want to make the lips more vivid and expressive, he doesn’t want to experiment with color, — says Olga.

New Matt dry (thanks to the cream plastic consistency) and stoically withstand a few cups of coffee. Pencil for the contour of Sexy Contour Lipliner of a similar shade can be used as lipstick, and shade them the entire surface of the lips.

Christmas collection Ho! Ho! Ho!, Essence (129 RUB.)

If we were asked to choose a favorite product from the Christmas collection Ho! Ho! Ho!, we would challenge is unlikely to cope. Here, you and shining spray for face and body and a palette of bright glittery eye shadow, and lip balm, similar to a Christmas ball, and fun stickers for winter manicures, and chocolate with aromatic “bombs” for bath in the form of a reindeer (dip it in warm water, let sit in the bath and enjoy the relaxing aroma).

Mascara Black Birch, Lumene (990 RUB.)

Looks like part of an ordinary mascara (if, of course, “Leningrad” mascara): wax, pigments and nutrients (most commonly castor oil). However, the product is Lumene ready to surprise you. The formula of the mascara Birch Black “only”, which is 82 per cent consists of natural ingredients, contains coal soot derived from the wood of Finnish birch and organic birch SAP, rich in minerals and amino acids for care and moisture.

The curved brush allows you to dispense curler (Curling iron for Curling). The tool promises to lift the lashes, to create expressive bending and add volume.

Tinted cream Effaсlar Duo [+], La Roche-Posay (1 266 RUB.)

La Roche-Posay are particularly good products for oily skin. Thus, the range of the brand new version of the cream-gel Effaсlar Duo [+] for oily skin, which is slightly toned, and prevents the re-formation of imperfections. All thanks to the innovative component with Aqua Posae Filiformis lysate of the bacterium Vitreoscilla Filiformis, cultured and enriched in selenium in thermal water La Roche-Posay.

In part it is that salicylic acid, mineral pigments and Niacinamide. The novelty is presented in one universal shade, but more and not have Effaсlar Duo [ + ] is more mattifying makeup base with special effects (promises to reduce the size of pimple and reduce the redness), rather than a full Foundation.

Тушь с березовым соком, заколки для пучка и другие бьюти-новинки недели

A limited version of multi-functional oil Tattoo Elixir Ultime, Kerastase (2 632 RUB.)

The experts of the brand have released the Kerastase Elixir Ultime oil (the most delicately scented Camellia) in a bottle, painted fashionable Parisian tattoo artist max Le Squatta (@maxlesquatt).

Max 23 years he has collaborated with many fashion Houses and makes the tattoo celebrities from around the world. On the bottles of oil now shows the wind rose and Camellia. “Filling” is still the same: Marula oil, corn kernels, procacci, Amla and argan.

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