Star “Voronin” will replace Stotsky in the jury of “Eurovision”

Звезда «Ворониных» заменит Стоцкую в жюри «Евровидения»

Stanislav Doinikov than once has decided the fate of contestants in television projects.

The scandal at the center of which was Anastasia Stotskaya, broke out on the eve of the speech of Sergey Lazarev in the first semifinal of “Eurovision 2016”.

Recall as a participant of the international vocal contest from Russia was actively preparing to perform on the stage of “Globen” in Stockholm, Stotsky, a member of the jury of the international Commission of “Eurovision” from Russia, led the stream in Periscope.

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In the lens of her mobile due to got footage of the show itself, forms of voting and direct the process of professional evaluation. And this, as it turned out, was a serious breach of Protocol…

Naturally, the incident immediately became the subject of public discussion. The singer was forced to apologize publicly, however, the organizing Committee of “Eurovision” is not satisfied.

After long negotiations it was decided not to punish Lazarev for his colleague at star shop (because of the incident the singer was threatened with sanctions up to disqualification), but excluding Stotsky from the jury.

In the end, it was announced the name of the expert who will replace Anastasia in the final of the competition. The new jury member from Russia was to appoint the actor series “Voronin” Stanislaus Dudnikova. 42-year-old actor took part in various TV shows as a judge, and therefore easily able to cope with such a responsible task.

Doinikova in addition, recall that in the composition of the Commission also included Gennady Gladkov, TV presenters Linden and Oskar Kuchera and musician Denis Maidanov.

In the case that online voting will fail, they will have to grade the contest participants on behalf of the whole country.

Each contestant will receive points on a scale from 1 to 8, 10 or 12.

In the meantime…

Angry fans attacked the already suffering incident to Anastas Stotsky. The singer was forced to appeal to fans with a request to stop the persecution (read more HERE).

In defense of the actress also spoke Philip. The king of pop said that neither he nor Sergey Lazarev resentment for her do not hold.

“Nothing and no one! No fee, jury of “Eurovision” and “the last supper” will not affect our long friendship! — wrote in his blog Kirkorov. — Anything can happen, this could happen to anyone, but there you are. Apparently, my scandalous karma and passed on to you, you’re my student… It will pass! After a week no one will remember this incident in your life! “Live more,” as said by us with you favorite A. B. greetings from Serezha. Everything will be fine!” (read more HERE)

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