Bookmakers named the main favorites of “Eurovision-2016”

Букмекеры назвали главных фаворитов «Евровидения-2016»

The most popular recognized by participants from Austria, Ukraine and of course Russia!

While we are discussing the number of Sergey Lazarev and wonder appears on the scene, the stage, the stars, the bookmakers are on the alert. Master of the cash rate already amounted to three of the most popular participants of the show.

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Among the favorites were participants from Austria, Ukraine and Russia! Famous and also a participant from Belarus – after all, promised to go naked, but still with the wolf. However, when the artist appeared on stage in ordinary clothes, the excitement around the room slept (read more HERE).

Curiously, the chances of different countries on the victory and praised the American economist research division of Microsoft’s David Rothschild. And again – good news! In his opinion, the chances of victory of the Russian contestant is 55%.

On the basis of the compiled rankings, the first five will be distributed as follows: Russia (55%), Australia (14%), Ukraine (7%), France (6%), Sweden (4%). And on may 11, Russia’s chances has increased markedly, from 46% to 55%. But Ukraine, on the contrary, moved from second to third place.

And finally praised Lazarev and British journalists. The Metro newspaper has released an article with the headline “Russia showed why they are favorites of “Eurovision”.

The author of the article, which, however, is completely dedicated to Lazarus, enthusiastically writes: “In the room used the most sophisticated effects and latest technical developments of those that have ever seen on the music scene. All together with the climbing “mountains” and artist in lying the center of the wall makes an impression. The interaction between Sergei and his four dancers brilliantly. How they are still working with effects, even more incredible! It’s like a sci-Fi film, hard to believe that this three-minute live performance”.

But nice to read this against us, right?

First results: what are the odds to win, in your opinion, Sergey Lazarev?

  • Stand in the top three: unlikely to allow Russia to win
  • Ukraine didn’t make the final, really put aside politics and appreciate the song? Then we have all the chances to win!
  • His room was the best, no doubt, will win!
  • Likely to be in the top five and win Netherlands
  • Write your variant in comments

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