Granddaughter Larisa Dolina followed in the footsteps of the grandmother

Внучка Ларисы Долиной пошла по стопам бабушки
Four-year Sasha dreams of becoming a singer.

Внучка Ларисы Долиной пошла по стопам бабушки

Larisa Dolina

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Angelina and Alexander Valleys with Julia Nachalova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

When four years ago, came Sasha, granddaughter
Larisa Dolina, star grandma
first glance — to be an artist. From an early age the girl gave
the vocals at the Academy of musical and dancing in
the famous ensemble “Neposedy”.

In its four years, Sasha says confidently that
in the future wants to be on stage and sing beautiful songs as her grandmother. “I
I will be singing a Princess. I will be kind, beautiful and intelligent, ” said the girl. —
Want to sing and dance on stage like a grandmother”. The daughter of the Valley angelina is still
is on maternity leave.

“My daughter is my outlet,” says angelina. — Give all his time to her. She’s a artist, very organic feeling
the scene, as well as my mom. But I’m shy, I’m not comfortable on stage. Mom
immediately saw in her the singer and stated that education will take care of himself.
By the way, Sasha really loves to listen to jazz”.

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