Star of TV series “Ship” and “Hotel Eleon” told, as was saved in an emergency situation

Звезда сериалов «Корабль» и «Отель Элеон» рассказал, как спасся в экстремальной ситуации
Actor Roman Curtin — about how filmed new movie “Pain threshold”.

Звезда сериалов «Корабль» и «Отель Элеон» рассказал, как спасся в экстремальной ситуации

Roman Curtin and Arina Postnikova in the film “Pain threshold”

Photo: press service

Roman Curtin,
beloved by audiences after roles in the TV series “Ship”, “Sword 2” and “Hotel Eleon”,
preparing for the Grand premiere of the film with his participation. The picture of the “Pain threshold”
Director Andrei Simonov is a story about how the result of the scandalous
Accident four Muscovites, two friends and their
girls, are forced to leave the capital in the Altai mountains. They want to relax
and relax, but come back in an extreme situation, where each
show your character and face his own demons. At stake
friendship, love and the opportunity to stay alive.

— My hero —
the man who flaunts his power and appearance. He’s a classic Moscow
major, the son of a Prosecutor, — has told Roman Curtin. — He’s confident, and any
the problem in his life is solved with one phone call, what kind of
the key moment in his life. He’s the only one in the Altai Republic will
work phone – some superpolynomially protected. This phone
will be their only chance at salvation. In General, this perky Golden
the boy in the moment of real danger in the animal world, in the wild, where
other rules broken. Turns out to be a coward, not able to male
actions. He has to fight not only external problems, but also by

And the people who
used to see him realize that he is a jerk, he can’t
to protect even their woman. He falls to the bottom, and he will have there
out. For me, this character was a novelty. Usually my characters save
the world, and here – rag. And on the one hand it causes disgust and
the other, hand on heart, who could say no coward would
a gun to my head. I want to believe that I would have defended the woman, but I
don’t know, so I scold and at the same time justify his character and his

— What do you feel was
to work in the harsh natural conditions? Still, the Altai mountains — a place

the best place on earth. We shot at the same time difficult, and interesting, and in love
to what surrounds us. We misbehaved. We have always been cool
atmosphere. When I went to the Mountain Altai, we already had an idea what
conditions have to work, but for girls it was a shock. It is clear that
working in the city, you sleep on a soft bed, can at any time
eat and rest, and then the connection is not always available, have a rest, putting a stone
under the head, eat on the grass, but to you more. If in Moscow all
already tired of these crew, which only interfere with life, where we
were new, we were received like honored guests and it was very nice.

Roman Curtin in the film “Pain threshold”

Photo: press service