Exhausted Yuliya Snigir complained of difficulties in life

Истощенная Юлия Снигирь пожаловалась на трудности в жизни
The actress spoke about why abruptly lost.

Photo: @jsnigir Instagram Yulia Snigir

Yulia Snigir lately to no longer recognize even close friends. The reason is that the actress lost a lot of weight. The actress, according to people around her, and began to look emaciated and acquired a sick look. The fans who worry about the health of Yulia, finally waited for a confession from her that was the reason for the drastic weight loss.

Snigir told a secret, because too much work just don’t have time to eat right. Or rather did not find time to eat. “I work a lot and do not have time to eat!” commented on your appearance Julia.

The artist is forced to work so hard, because she is raising, together with Yevgeny Tsyganov young son, Fyodor. Celebrity couple is hiding the baby from the public, arguing that the son must decide for himself if he wants his photographs have been published online or not.

Recall that the Tsyganova grows seven children from a civil marriage with Irina Leonova. According to rumors, Evgeny financially supports her last family, but also Irina in March this year, returned to work in the little theatre.