The last house Marilyn Monroe sold for $7.2 million

Последний дом Мэрилин Монро продан за $7,2 млн

A luxurious mansion, who personally filmed the Hollywood star and sex symbol of the 1950-ies Marilyn Monroe, sold to an unknown buyer for 7.2 million dollars. The sellers planned to get for his $6.9 million, but the auction was very dynamic, so it sold for 325 thousand more expensive than the original prices. The details of the transaction and who sold the house, and who became its purchaser, were not disclosed.

We are talking about the house, which is located in the Californian city of Brentwood in USA. The mistress of this estate was the legendary Marilyn. Moreover, she lived in different houses and apartments, but only bought the estate in 1961, after the third divorce.
The house has historical significance, especially for fans. Just a year after its purchase, in one of the bedrooms, dead of a drug overdose Monroe. However, he lived in the mansion of a Hollywood star just a few months, as often flew to the shooting.
The building was in 1929. The mansion, which has an area of 244 square meters, decorated in Spanish style. In those years, Marilyn bought it for a record sum of 90 thousand dollars. The house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, large swimming pool and a garden with citrus trees and flowers.
The design of the estate is fully established at the request of Monroe. She personally supervised its decoration and furniture brought back from Mexico to decorate the house. The sellers decided not to ruin the “Monroe style” and the house was sold with furniture.
Star was very proud of his home and considered him a fortress. She liked to think that it is in a quiet and secluded location. Marilyn did not allow outsiders to enter the territory of the estate. Shortly before the death of Monroe, the journalists Life asked the actress permission to shoot in her house. She refused.
An interesting fact about the house. On the threshold of the mansion is engraved with the inscription: “My path ends here.” It is not clear why Marilyn Monroe decided to write these words, but they were prophetic.