Star of TV series “Riverdale” Lili Reinhart revealed their beauty secrets

Звезда сериала «Ривердейл» Лили Рейнхарт раскрыла свои секреты красоты

One of the main characters of the teen series “Riverdale” spoke about her beauty secrets, the pastime out of the series and the stories behind her tattoos.

Звезда сериала «Ривердейл» Лили Рейнхарт раскрыла свои секреты красоты

The actress confessed to his fans that for a long time suffers from cystic pimples, which often appear on her face. Though the makeup and not see the formations, but Lily told me that last night on the plane noticed seven formations on the forehead. Well-groomed person on the screen helps to achieve meticulous care, which the actress holds even when traveling and on set. To clean your face from dead skin particles, she uses apricot scrub St. Ives. In order to keep the face clean, she applies a cleanser for oily skin, a toner and a special tool that should be applied to each pimple spot. The result of such care getting her beautiful face in the series, the first season of which recently ended.

Звезда сериала «Ривердейл» Лили Рейнхарт раскрыла свои секреты красоты

On Sunday the crew of the TV series “Riverdale” has blinded the red carpet prize Teen Choice Awards, before going to that the heroine having a little confusion. “Unfortunately, the belt on my dress broke 10 minutes before going on the red carpet,” says Reinhart. “Really bummed me out, because my outfit did not look as I had imagined and prepared.” Despite this incident, the actress went out with his colleagues and demonstrated a great outfit that appreciated her fans.

The actors on the set of every project going through a stage of life where they live the life of your character and also learn new things. Lily said that he learned a technique in makeup that can change the view of the application of tonal resources of many beauties. “I love to apply liquid Foundation using the BeautyBlender sponge — I just think that this method of application is best it gives a natural Shine to the face,” talks about his way of applying makeup actress. “But I learned a trick while on the set. You should use the beauty blender soaked in rose water. Thus, you will give your face a more lively look and feel.”

Lily Reinhart plays the role of clever Betty in Riverdale, the second season eagerly awaited by fans. Lily told me that the haircut of her character symbolizes to some extent the character of the actress. Betty goes through a lot in the second season, and you can see it in her hair,” says the star. “It’s not a distracting element, but only a small tip for especially attentive to understand what’s going on deep inside,”she said.

Also, the actress shared the values of their tattoos and reasons for their existence. “I talked a lot about depression and anxiety, as well as about my personal suffering with this, so I wanted them to do,” Lily explains the reason for the appearance of arrows on his left hand.”The arrow can only move forward, being stretched back. So, going through difficult stages of life, being drawn back, it only means that soon there will be something bigger and better. This is what symbolizes this tattoo for me.” Also, the actress has a tattoo on his right arm. She stuffed the rose a couple of months ago because “I feel like a fighter for love, and also wear heart on sleeve.”