Sergey Shnurov was called to fight Vladimir Pozner

Сергей Шнуров вызвал на бой Владимира Познера The journalist remembered last year’s interview with the leader of group “Leningrad” and very unflattering comments about the interlocutor. The reaction of Sergei Shnurov has not kept itself waiting long. A day later, the musician called for the opponent public “duel”.

The differences between the leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov and Vladimir Posner do not cease. To the great surprise of the public, in the conflict between the celebrities a new turn. Not yet subsided discussion of the rap battle between Miron Fedorov and Purulent, as in a Network there was a hint of the next possible loud fight. At this time, Shnurov invited the opponent to settle their differences in a public space. At the same time Sergey said that the format of the “fight” for it does not matter.

Posner described his helpless and empty

“Well? Following the fashion and General cultural trends, I call Vladimir Posner on the battle. It’s not mine, and not his genre, so the starting conditions are equal. Playground difference to me is not – “the Word” and “versus” or the First Channel,” said Cords.

The musician also added that leaves its opponent the choice of meeting place. “As you wish Posner,” said the man.

Fans of Sergey Shnurov supported his initiative and began to bet who can win in this high-profile match. “Let’s have a new record on YouTube”, “It will be a massive event. Box office guaranteed.”, “I want to look”, “James, I am for you”, “This is better than trump with Clinton”, “Battle or revenge?” “Strong”, “trending”, “Round”, – wrote in the comments to the post rocker.

At the same time, other Internet users decided that the Cords once again decided to joke and just pinned over their subscribers. “Let’s at my house, normal site”, “Just imagine Posner’s reading to the beat”, “It was not to be, unfortunately”, the “dancing on ice”, “Sarcasm” “it Seems that you have nothing to do”, “PR”, “it is Better to resolve the conflict behind the garages on neutral territory, for example, anywhere in Vyshniy volochëk,” “May, organize a fight club?”, “What nonsense,” was discussed by the subscribers of the men.

However, the battle between Shnurov and Posner, it seems, will not take place. Later Vladimir Putin has let know that does not attach importance to the rap ballam. The presenter commented ironically on the significance of such events.

“I have nothing to say to you. I understand that this is very important news that the country is of great importance, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention absolutely everyone at this moment. I don’t know what Putin thinks or trump for this reason. This brand PR campaign”, – said the journalist.

During the conversation with the correspondent “Moscow speaking” Posner also added that he will participate in a public “duel” with an opponent.

Earlier Sergey Shnurov competed in a rap battle with Ivan Urgant. Match figures of show business came in the air author’s evening show well-known TV presenter and provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Ivan Urgant and Sergey Shnurov publicly humiliated each other