Priscilla Presley shared memories of life with Elvis Presley

Присцилла Пресли поделилась воспоминаниями о жизни с Элвисом Пресли

In honor of the 40-year anniversary after the death of the King of rock 72-year-old Priscilla Presley shared their memories about life with her ex-husband Elvis Presley at Graceland for the program Today on Wednesday. Star always felt that Elvis was singing just for her.

Присцилла Пресли поделилась воспоминаниями о жизни с Элвисом Пресли

“He broke all the templates,” Priscilla tells jenna Bush Hager in a live interview from the home of Elvis in Memphis, Tennessee. “Not only in singing and music but also in style.” The king of rock music always stood out among other performers, he played music, not like the existing styles, and dressed very brightly.

“It all started with his voice. People loved his voice. When he sang, people have the impression that this song is sung just for them.” says the star. “I felt it when she was in the audience. I have always felt, whether he’s singing just for me.” It was his beautiful voice was beginning to love Priscilla. Many fans of the musician fell in love with him because of his beautiful voice, which made all his songs are energetic and mesmerizing.

“Everyone was in love with him. They are still in love! He even woke up fine. I sometimes stared at him. I would stare at him. Oh my God…” the Former wife of rock star could not restrain his emotion, when he remembers about Presley. “He was good in everything he was doing.”

Присцилла Пресли поделилась воспоминаниями о жизни с Элвисом Пресли

The death of a 42-year-old Elvis Presley had shocked the whole world. He died 16th August 1977. Priscilla believes that his spirit lives on in music and Vtech places that he considered family. Even after the death of her husband, she feels his energy. “I can’t stop thinking about the day when all this happened,” says Priscilla. “But we can remember so much of all the good he has done and all those positive emotions, and all those wonderful things that keep alive the memory of him. Many people, as you know, I come here just for this.”

Indeed, on Thursday, an estimated 50,000 fans came to the home of Elvis, what would give give your memory. Fans of Presley lit candles together with Priscilla and their only child with Elvis — Lisa Marie Presley. Daughter came to remember my father together with my daughters twins — a decade of Harper Lockwood and Finley Lockwood.

“After 40 summer, they still come here, but this time the fans going the most,” she says. “If he was here, looked outside and saw all these people who still love him and I miss him, he would not believe his eyes.”

In the house Elvis collected all of his most popular jumpsuits, which he performed on their show. Priscilla visited most of the concerts of the elect, which saw the costumes, just submit it to them. Some of the sets, costumes he wore in the iconic Christmas concert in 1968 for NBC. It was the first time Priscilla, who married him a year early, and saw him performing live. Also, this year culminated in the birth of their only child Lisa Mary.

“She copes, thank you,” said Priscilla to the question about the status of his daughter. “She loves it. Wonderful to come here and walk around to explore it all and share their memories.”