Star diet: what helped Lyudmyla senchinoj to lose weight

Звездная диета: что помогло Людмиле Сенчиной сбросить лишний вес Yesterday, the folk artist was 67 years old. The singer admits that carefully watches his diet. It can be seen. And what’s the secret? Lyudmila Petrovna reveals the secret of weight loss.

Lyudmila Senchina has become a true national favourite after on the radio start to sound the song “Cinderella” in its execution. 17-year-old singer immediately became known throughout the Soviet Union. Soon the young artist was invited to conduct the popular ‘ 70s television program “Artlite”.

Lyudmila has always embodied the image of the burly Russian beauties, however, she long time wanted at all costs to lose weight.

And her colleague at the pop shop Igor talc. Recently, the actress told reporters how it was able to pull myself together.

“One time I was so depressed, despite all my optimism, expressed in the fact that I ate everything, – says the singer. – In addition, come friends, we are with them in Russian tradition – pancakes with sour cream vodka and sitting talking… As a result I then weighed 72 pounds!”

“And once on the road we with Igor Talc dined in the restaurant. I, as always, something with an appetite to absorb and suddenly I see the look he gave me. I said, “Yes, I understand, I’m fat, we can’t!” Left the restaurant and ran! Since then, I try to run, wherever I was. In St. Petersburg, often bad weather, slippery, running is dangerous. So, I’m just three or four hours of walk – rain or snow, heat… and Then the mandatory house gym for an hour and shower. Helps perfectly! And all these new-fangled herbal teas, diet pills will not give absolutely anything, will only undermine health, which you have not spoiled, trust me!” – said people’s artist.

Lyudmila added that completely eliminated from your diet fatty sausages. Harmful products the singer was replaced by chicken and Turkey. Star also comes up with their own healthy recipes.

“Trying to cook without salt. Fried is not desirable, but because boiled fish itself is not terribly tasty, I came up with a new method: I cook it in water as in milk! Make a pie: chicken breast, greens, garlic, yogurt – and all this in a blender. A wonderful thing! Most importantly – there is no fat! In the morning I used to drink a huge Cup of sweet strong tea with a couple biscuits. Many people have a full Breakfast, and rightly so. But I can’t bring myself to eat anything in the morning, even if before fasted three days,” said the singer.

The only thing that prevents the artist to observe proper diet, have a tour. Hard work schedule Lyudmila Petrovna makes the singer to skip meals. “That’s where, unfortunately, we have to coachnet or choose the least harmful. But I still love potato pancakes and try to order them where there is the opportunity. It’s incredible, that’s the worst – especially with sour cream!” – said the singer in an interview with “Interlocutor”.