Husband Jasmine, who is accused of cheating may appeal to the court

Муж Жасмин, которого обвиняют в мошенничестве, не может подать апелляцию в суд The documents are still not translated into Russian language. Summer was convicted, but the lawyers wife Jasmine Ilan Shor intend to challenge the decision in a higher court. However, for the past six months, the situation is not resolved.
Муж Жасмин, которого обвиняют в мошенничестве, не может подать апелляцию в суд

In June last year, wife of the popular singer Jasmine, Ilan Shor has been arrested on suspicion of Bank fraud. Despite the fact that the artist believed and still believes in the innocence of her husband, he was put under house arrest. For almost a year, the businessman had no right to leave his mansion in Chisinau, as well as to use a mobile phone.

At the end of June this year, the court issued a decision and sentenced a man to 7,5 years of imprisonment. Shore pleaded not guilty in the theft of $ 700 million. The lawyers were informed that they would appeal. Only after this sentence should come into force or be changed. As it turned out, six months later, the situation has not changed – because of the forced delay. Jasmine about prison time wife: “I’m worried about his health”

“The case is still with me, – said the judge of the district court of Buiucani in Chisinau, Andrei Nikulcha, which carried a sentence of Ilan Shor. – I have not referred it to the court of Appeal, because the sentence didn’t translate on Russian language. The defendant does not speak the state language and lack of translation is a violation of his rights. I don’t know when the transfer will be made because I don’t do that”.
Муж Жасмин, которого обвиняют в мошенничестве, не может подать апелляцию в суд

In late August, Ilan appeared at the festival, timed to the independence day of Moldova. The celebration was like in the city of Orhei – the couple laid flowers at the monument to the founder of the settlement and were parade.

Jasmine admitted that her difficult separation from her husband – due to frequent performances in Russia she had to leave the family. The actress also told that children really miss my dad.

“Margaret worries for him, she still feels and loves. In early July, when I brought children in Moldova, Miron directly to him reached out, put his head on my shoulder, kissed him. I have goosebumps ran – told Jasmine “StarHit”. And Margaret said, “Daddy, I want you were all the time near me!” We live in different countries, it’s hard, but we cope. It only makes us stronger.”

The judge who conducts the business of the shore, ready to send the case for further consideration. According to the publication “Express Gazeta” with reference to the portal, as soon as the Russian version of the documents, the court will continue to work.