The former Muse of Elijah Glinnikov may become the wife of Yegor creed

Бывшая муза Ильи Глинникова может стать женой Егора Крида
The Sochi model Daria Klyukina will be back on the show “the Bachelor.”

Daria Klyukina


The web was much discussion forgotten, it would seem,
history. In the new season of “the Bachelor,” which will be shown on TNT in the spring,
one of the participants will be Daria Klyukina. The girl remembered by the fans
the popular reality how smartly she stopped not had time to properly begin
novel by Ilya Glinnikov, “the bachelor” of season five. Then the actor was ready
roll for Dashi mountain, but Klyukina left the project and broke his heart.

“I was honest with myself, Ilya and the audience
— said Daria in an interview —Yes, the fabulous atmosphere
which was created on the set, contributes to the emergence of new senses, but we
Ilya was too different. Although I am very grateful to him for the emotions and
the feelings he gave me. It’s worth it, believe me! This is what I
wanted it kind of jolt I needed. And not “hunting” the excitement and
win. I wasn’t ready to sacrifice their own feelings and the feelings of Elijah for
just wear the title of the winner of the fifth season of the project
“The bachelor””.

Daria it is not: then the show won even more
young model Ekaterina Nikulina, which, by the way, still happy with Ilya
By hlinikove.

In spring on TNT kicks off a new season with Egor
Creed in the title role and Daria Lukinoj as one of the contenders for it
heart. It turned out that he was already captured, and so the singer has already chosen the winner.
Or not, as in the case of Alexei Vorobiev, who in the final
presented the coveted ring of any of the finalists.