Star 90s Larisa Chernikova looking for a donor to give birth to

Звезда 90-х Лариса Черникова ищет донора, чтобы родить After the betrayal of the third husband, singer divorced now and thought about the second heir. Larisa Chernikova came to Russia to find a man who can give her baby. The mother of the actress fully supports her daughter’s decision, despite the unsettled personal life of a celebrity.

      Звезда 90-х Лариса Черникова ищет донора, чтобы родить

      In the early 90-ies of Larisa Chernikova was a famous artist, whose songs sang literally the entire country. But after the success of the singer of the hit “I love you, Dima, for a time, he disappeared from the scene. In the 2000’s she got married the second time to an American James and went to live in the United States. There she gave birth to a son Cyril. But after some time family life with businessman went wrong and they decided to divorce. After that Larissa has married the new darling Richard, it seemed, found long-awaited happiness. But soon she found out about her husband’s infidelity. She spoke about it on the program “Let them talk”.

      Singer Larisa Chernikova divorced her husband-an American

      “On “Facebook” communicates to me the girl name is Olga, and she tells me that Richard had just been born a daughter by another woman, by the way, also Russian,” – said Larisa.

      Richard was begging Larissa to understand him and to forgive, but she decided to break off relations. And now, four years after the divorce, 42-year-old Chernikova wants to have a second child and that is what came to the program Andrei Malakhov. The singer wants to find a donor, to once again become a mother and give a brother or sister, his 11-year-old son.

      Звезда 90-х Лариса Черникова ищет донора, чтобы родить

      Some experts expressed the opinion that Larissa just wants love, after all, for the birth of the child she could go to a sperm Bank.

      It is interesting that now Chernikova is trying to restore the relationship with her former husband James. He supported the decision of Larissa to find a donor and would not mind if she gives birth on the other. The star of the ‘ 90s admitted that he did not want children from a former spouse, because he just recovered from alcoholism. By the way, addicted to strong drink was the cause of the separation of the couple.

      Звезда 90-х Лариса Черникова ищет донора, чтобы родить

      Experts interested in how Chernikova’s going to raise a child, if she’s unsettled personal life. Andrey Malakhov recalled that the Larissa was a difficult childhood, and she grew up without a father. In the Studio there was also the mother of the artist, which fully supported the daughter.

      “The second child I’d like Slav. Russian better. I’m a very big mistake made that I have one child,” said Tatiana Shepeleva.

      Experts began to ask questions, whose idea it was – mom or the Larissa. On this Tatiana said that already can not remember who first came up with this idea. The producer of the singer said that the mother of the actress has had a great impact on the lives of his daughter and constantly interfered in its Affairs. Moreover, the Studio came famous singer Shura, who spoke about the fact that Tatiana wanted to marry him and Larissa for more than 20 years ago.

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