Andrey Chuev divorce to marry

Андрей Чуев разводится, чтобы жениться Party “House-2” intends to make good on your promise Marina Africanoboi. Andrey Chuev has published a photo of the screen of a mobile phone with a message from the Registrar that the proceedings for dissolution of marriage on may 10.

      Андрей Чуев разводится, чтобы жениться

      One of the most interesting couples of the TV project for several months could not deal with his status. Andrey Chuev has made Marina Afrikantov offer, but to marry her he could not, because still is married to another woman. The winner of the contest “Man of the year” at the “House-2” was forced to submit to the beloved woman, which nominally is his wife and lives with another man in the UAE. Marina met with this lady and I realized that nobody is cheating.

      Today, Andrew once again proved that his intentions towards Africanoboi serious, post a photo of the screen of a mobile phone with a message from the Registrar’s office. The letter States that the proceedings for dissolution of marriage on may 10.

      “Hello, friends! Well, remember, I wrote and talked and talked Marina: “Chui will not divorce, he deceives you, he’s a rascal, with Tanya they are deceiving you”. Wish at least one of those who accused me, appears to apologize? Those who apologise, you are doing the right thing, because when wrong, apologize for the mistake – that’s right,” he asked Andrew to all his detractors through social network. “Marina, soon you’re getting married, start to prepare!” he added to his sweetheart.

      “I’m happy for you and Marina! Probably would want to see your wedding”, “I’m Sorry, Andrew! I, however, didn’t accuse, but the thought that you don’t divorce”, “the Stamp in the passport is meaningless without love and family! You are very wise and interesting person, with his position! Keep it up,” commented subscribers Chueva.

      Recall the relationship Africanoboi Marina and Andrey Chueva not always looked strong and stable. Some time ago, the couple fought constantly and changed their plans. The lovers had announced the wedding, which was to be held on December 23 last year, then broke up. After a brief reconciliation, the couple quarreled because of family budget. According to Chueva, the money in the family needs to dispose of only he. But Afrikantov to part with their savings were not ready. “Marina, are You so blind? This man does not love You, You are weak, and he mocks, manipulates. This tyrant. Wake up, love is joy, not tears and humiliation… it will get worse!”, – warned Afrikantova groupies.

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