Anastasia Volochkova: “I can’t betray a partner”

Анастасия Волочкова: «Я не могу предать партнера» Theatrical scandal involving the stars is gaining momentum. The premiere of “a man Came to the woman” with Anastasia Volochkova in question. The actress refuses to work without his partner said Bagov.

      Анастасия Волочкова: «Я не могу предать партнера»

      Anastasia enthusiastically took up the development of a new profession. She’s in played two sold out premiere of the play “a man Came to the woman” in the theater “School of modern play”. Partner star said Bugs gave her great support and has taught many of the intricacies of the acting profession. However, the play did not seem destined to survive for long in the theatrical space of the city.

      Partner Anastasia Volochkova caused a scandal in the theatre

      The fact is that between the actor and Director of theater is the long-standing conflict. The result of the quarrel was the decision of Joseph Raihelgauz to remove said Bagov from the play and replaced by another artist. When this became known, in the theater of the real scandal. Anastasia didn’t really believe that this is possible.

      “Yesterday I was informed that said Bagov removed from the role. Put me before the fact that two days before the premiere I got to work with another partner. Anyone involved in theater will tell you that exercise is simply impossible. Though, because with said we learned and practiced our roles, brought certain changes and additions, which cannot know another actor – outraged Volochkova in an interview with “StarHit”. – I can’t betray a partner. So I’m ready to play only play with said. The management of the theatre already aware of my wishes. But the show, scheduled for April 30, remains in jeopardy because final decision is still pending. I’m sorry that I was a hostage of this situation. Because I tried so hard to succeed at the highest level. For many hours I donated to other projects. In addition, I at his own expense restored all the scenery in the play, purchased the props and costumes. Don’t know how this will end…”
      Анастасия Волочкова: «Я не могу предать партнера»

      Of course, the doors of the theater “School of modern drama” remain open for ballerina, to say goodbye to her no one would, on the contrary, the leadership has noted the success of Anastasia. Eyewitnesses of the conflict between Baguim and Raihelgauz claim that Volochkova was trying to do everything possible to reconcile the counterparts.

      It is worth noting that Anastasia is completely satisfied with the behavior of said Bagov on the stage, despite the fact that between the Director and the actor had a serious conflict. Moreover, the dancer is in awe of his partner. She has admitted that she feels a deep respect.

      “We love each other, I will not hide. We only live once: you have to be yourself. I do believe that on the stage the partners should feel each other, only then they will be even better to play, and the audience even more to believe them. I have with many partners on stage were the beautiful romance. And now the theatre gave me a new appointment” – admitted Volochkova.

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