«Особенная» дочь Хакамады и ее бойфренд приняли участие в модном показе Maria Sirotino and Vlad Sitdikov wearing colorful images. They wore bright t-shirts with prints and sweatpants. Friends and acquaintances supportive, and I admire their activity.
«Особенная» дочь Хакамады и ее бойфренд приняли участие в модном показе

Passed on the eve of socially significant screening of “Successful child”. In it have taken part the daughter Irina Khakamada, Maria Sirotino and her partner Vlad Sitdikov. Both have down syndrome, but this does not prevent them to lead an active lifestyle. Other models have also become “special” children. The young man shared pictures taken at the event. For Masha this is not the first on the catwalk, so she felt very confident. The clothes tried on lovers, suitable for teenagers and young adults who love an active lifestyle. Bright prints and comfortable cut do not hinder movements of the person.

«Особенная» дочь Хакамады и ее бойфренд приняли участие в модном показе

Masha and Vlad was actively taking pictures with the guests and looked very happy. At one point during this presentation, the participants used gyrometers. In the microblog of the organizer has a video where you can see how Vlad practiced before the event.

Recall, Vlad has admitted that he is very serious about Mary. “My parents happy because I found someone wanted to find” – said Vlad in one of the programs.

He is familiar with her famous mother: once the three of them attended a social event. Sirotino is also ready to link their lives with Sitdikova. “The plans I have to make a good family to marry his beloved and be with him always together and have their children. I want to open my firm, I will also earn money to provide for his family and even her husband,” admitted Maria.

Beloved daughter Irina Hakamada persuades her to get married

Mama Masha Irina Khakamada long talked about the problems of her daughter, but as soon as the girl grew older, she began to take her with me to events. She decided to show people that children with down syndrome are no different from the others. During one of his public talks, Irina spoke about the relationship between her daughter and boyfriend. “Mary has grown up, meets a young man. They love carrots. They without me went on the First channel in the program Gordon and said about their wedding. Yes, health! They are adults. Don’t have that right? Have. And these programs can help other people, parents of such children. I don’t know how this will end, so pauses. People with down syndrome fantasy and reality exist together, there are almost no boundaries, so it is unclear when they have a game, and when it’s real. They are wizards. So there is no evil,” – said the politician.

«Особенная» дочь Хакамады и ее бойфренд приняли участие в модном показе