Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной встретился с прабабушкой Freya silber, the ex-girlfriend of son of actress – Makar Kasatkina, in April, gave birth to a boy. Throughout pregnancy heir to a famous dynasty refused to communicate with his ex-girlfriend. A young mother on a talk show tried to reach relatives of a former boyfriend.
Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной встретился с прабабушкой

Freya silber once again proved to be the main heroine of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on “Russia 1”. In April she became a mother for the second time. According to her, the baby’s father is the son of Maria Shukshina – Makar Kasatkin. Throughout pregnancy Zilber tried to establish contact with relatives of the ex-boyfriend, but the actress, her son and his father refused to communicate with a young woman. But the relationship with Freya was a grandmother Makar Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and her two daughters – Olga and Anastasia.

Silber tried to get through to father Makar Alexei Kasatkin and calling the name of his intended grandson. The man abruptly spoke with a young mother, refusing to take a DNA test and stressing that she didn’t call him the grandfather of her child.

“I Makara was last seen a year and a half ago. Mark? Quite a strange name… who will it be? Mark Zhuk? I haven’t grandfather, I’m not going to take the DNA test! You can’t force. I think you understand me,” – said Aleksey Kasatkin on the phone.
Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной встретился с прабабушкой

Olga Shukshina, in turn, gladly accepted the news that her sister had another grandson. A spokeswoman for the couple Sukhinah often goes to visit Freya, brings gifts small Brand and considers it similar to Makar.

“Mary to me is cold talked. What it will achieve its tin? Makar was taken away somewhere…” – said Olga.

Another sister Mary Anastasia Voronina Francisco said that not surprised by the reaction of her relatives. The woman also stood on the side of Freya. According to the first heiress Lydia Fedoseeva-Koskinou when her daughter Laura gave birth to grandson Martin, the famous actress didn’t even want to meet him. Voronin Francisco said that between them have a complicated relationship.

“I lived with my father and to your grandmother. She was a mom to me and a light in the window,” said Anastasia.
Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной встретился с прабабушкой

Meanwhile, silber was able to talk with Lydia Nikolaevna Fedoseeva-Koskinou. The actress allowed a young mother with a baby to go to her apartment. The widow of the famous Director and writer said that learned ex-lover of her grandson, and she also told silber that her child is unlikely to recognize Mary Makar. Lidia remembered the encounter with another girl grandchild, Sabina. In her recognize, they get along very well, and Freya she had seen only on TV.

“I think it will not. Will not be exact. Mama nothing to do with it, he had decided – after a history of fighting. With Sabine he introduced me, I do not interfere in his life. Anything can happen. To be honest: I don’t know. I don’t even know Makar is working or not, what he does… He is a very flighty young man,” said people’s artist.
Предполагаемый внук Марии Шукшиной встретился с прабабушкой

At the end, Fedoseeva-Shukshina wished good health to the newborn child and his mother, noting that he has some similarities in appearance to her grandson Makar. Also, the actress said that he would try to talk to Maria.

Zilber also intended to talk to the other grandmother Makar – the father’s side. But got a hard failure.

The young mother plans to go to court, experts have promised to help her to competently prepare all necessary documents for the recovery of maintenance. Freya wants Makar and his mother Maria Shukshina helped her financially. Zilber is not averse to education, to work, for example, a professional bartender and to provide Brand.