Правнук Василия Шукшина пока живет без имени My sad story about the new addition to the famous actor-writer dynasty.
Правнук Василия Шукшина пока живет без имени

The great-grandson of Vasily Shukshin snuffle quietly in a comfortable carry. Little athlete (weight – 4 kg, height – 54 cm) and has no idea what serious passions erupted before birth.

The inhabitant of Barnaul, the 19-year-old Freya Zilberg, met his coeval, Muscovite Makar Kasatkin, online. Young people are first rewritten, and then moved in together. Novel inflamed, they were happy, and the fact that Makar is the grandson of Vasily Shukshin (Frey learned about it only a few months), a young Siberian almost not occupied. No books, no movies famous grandfather her lover she couldn’t see. Everything collapsed in a moment when, having gone to his hometown, the girl returned and announced that she was pregnant. More precisely, Makar, she wrote about it, while still in Barnaul, and Moscow expected it is not the meeting at which it is calculated. After a couple of months got worse.

Правнук Василия Шукшина пока живет без имени“Makar terribly changed! Dragged me across the floor, beaten on the lower back. Shouting, screaming that he wants this child died,” – says me Freya.

At some point she broke down and wrote a statement to the police. The groom has not only physical, but also a drug dealer told law enforcement the girl. After this, Makar went missing, changed all my numbers, and his mother, actress Maria Shukshina, calls not answered and, apparently, not something that is about the grandson, even the existence of the Freys didn’t want to hear. The only comments that allowed itself then the only grandmother of one grandson (four years ago, her daughter Anna joined the clan Sukhinah), she said bewildered by what is happening to fans that she did not expect such a turn of events. “But now there is a check in the police. Once the results are known I will call. Before the announcement of the results of all considered speculation (to put it mildly),” wrote the actress.

Freya looks lovingly at the sleeping boy: “Go away somewhere, always worried how is he not crying? I really want to reach Sukhinah. It is not only my child, but also their own blood too.”

This beautiful brunette is, of course, is no angel. At age 13 she became pregnant, but then gave his daughter to the care of the mother, which relationship is not supported. But vpisyvayas little boy from a Moscow hospital, she longed for one thing: let her not greeted with flowers and balloons, but to have not at least called. The only person who responded, was her sister stubbornly silent potential mother-in-law.

Правнук Василия Шукшина пока живет без имени“If he was alive, dad, – sighs Olga Shukshina, he would have taken all. Vasily Makarovich would not allow that his grandson was not recognized”.
Правнук Василия Шукшина пока живет без имени

Hugged Freya, great aunt wipes the oncoming tears, and then smiling, looking at their monthly grandson: “do you Know why my nephew is so named? In honor of our grandfather, Makar Leontievich. Maybe give the boy the name Leontius? I like the sound of L. Kravchuk”. “Yes, and Basil, what was the name of my great-grandfather too well,” I say. Freya about the name of the son is trying, but it seems that both she likes. She tells me and her, that this time came to parenthood, collecting even a small library in education. Surprised, how many things have the baby: “Friends, thank you, responded. Someone for growth gave clothes.” To accuse Freya of self-interest is difficult, she says Sukhinah only wants emotional support of the family. “When I go to work, difficulties increase, and if they can help me with a nanny, I would be very grateful. But even if Makar and Mariya will remain indifferent to the fate of his son and grandson, I will always be there, baby will be able to rely on me”.

The story of the great-grandson of Vasily Shukshin does not end there. In the next issue of “Live” will be getting to know Freya and Lydia Nikolaevna Fedoseeva-Shukshina. Overcoming poor health, the legendary 79-year-old actress will first see his tiny grandson, whose name is not yet invented.