Sophie Turner talked about how I got acquainted with Joe Jonas

Cофи Тернер рассказала о том, как познакомилась с Джо Джонасом

The series “Game of Thrones” is coming to an end, so the actors, who performed key roles, is directed the special attention of the media. So Sophie Turner, who played Sansa stark, gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar and talked about how she met her current fiancé Joe Jonas! It turned out, their meeting was absolutely simple. So familiar to many.

23-year-old star met her lover through the popular network instagram. “We had a lot of mutual friends who always wanted to introduce me and Joe. We even had subscribers from each other on instagram, and suddenly Joe wrote to me in personal messages!” says Sophie.

From my fiance Turner love it! But very soon down the aisle. “He’s cute. The most funny. And not to say that he will soon turn 30. It is the most fun, energetic, positive person I have ever seen. I am a pessimist, so we complement each other.”

Joe himself gave a playful little tip of what they and Sophie want to get married: “We want to make a match of flag Rugby at his wedding, and football too. So, if all friends of the groom show up with black eyes and broken arms, I am proud of them!”

Recall that the hype around the final season of Game of Thrones continues: the actors give candid interviews and try not to talk about the ending, and Sophie Turner, who played Sansa stark, already leaked to a couple people!

“I’m so bad at keeping secrets! I think people don’t tell me anything because they know I’ll blab. I’ve even told some people than “Game of thrones” will end”, — said the actress ahead of the release of the final season.

For the words to respond! In the network against the actress turned a lot of people who became very sorry for those two who found out about the ending. Sophie saw the headlines on Twitter and could not be explained. “The truth is that I told a few people. It’s not much. Honestly, I don’t so often read tweets in which I mention, because they have a lot of Haight. Everything I say always causes a negative reaction, so I’m not surprised,” says Sophie in an interview for Entertainment Weekly.

But kit Harington also told his lover rose Leslie ending, but his act did not cause such negativity. “People like Keith Harrington, he can’t be wrong. He’s a Prince!” added Sophie.

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