Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin on a date in Malibu

Дакота Джонсон и Крис Мартин на свидании в Малибу

For a long time in the network there has been no news about Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson. A pair of tries does not appear in the lenses of the paparazzi, but this time miscalculated. In the network appeared photos of stars for a walk in Malibu!

In California it’s the perfect weather! Dakota and Chris decided to enjoy the warm sun and took the dog to Johnson. The pair strolled the streets of Malibu barefoot.

Now Chris may not be afraid to leave home because a few days ago he made the ban on approaching girls, which has long pursued. Stalker left the packages with suspicious contents at the doors of the musician, forcing him to submit to the court and seek orders to ban closer to him. The Stalker is officially forbidden to approach Chris, his two children, Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota closer than 90 meters.

All in delight from a couple of Coldplay soloist and star of the film “50 shades of grey” Dakota Johnson. We will remind, the actress has already introduced a guy to my parents, who — with his children from his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow. That is why the paparazzi are closely watching the behavior of lovers, and noticed something interesting. Dakota captured in the arms of another man!

The star then went for a walk in Hollywood with her sister grace met with a pleasant stranger. At first the blond hugged his sister, and then she Dakota. Some time actress “lying” in the arms of a young man, and then pulled away. After talking with friends, Dakota sister went shopping. Who is this attractive stranger?

A media report about the forthcoming wedding of stars. “Soon they will announce the engagement. Chris wanted this to happen after the wedding, Gwyneth and their children learned this news immediately, but gradually,” – said the insider to Us Weekly. We are talking about marriage Gwyneth Paltrow and brad Felchak, which was in September.

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