Kim Kardashian about waiting for the fourth child and the new collection points

Ким Кардашьян об ожидании четвертого ребенка и новой коллекции очков

In January television star Kim Kardashian has confirmed the rumors about waiting for their fourth child. Boy the family Kardashian-West is waiting for a surrogate mother, because Kim is unable to bear a child. Journalist ET spoke with 38-year-old star and asked how he feels the expectant mother and how different the expectation of the child from the fourth pregnancy of a surrogate mother Chicago?

Ким Кардашьян об ожидании четвертого ребенка и новой коллекции очков

As Kim says, the fourth pregnancy is significantly different from the previous one. At least this time the star knows what to expect. “Love my surrogate mother, we have a very good relationship. I trust her, because last time was very anxious, constantly calling and texting. But this time it’s different, because this mom is very caring,” says Kim.

At this time, the mother of three children feels much calmer, because this is the fourth pregnancy, and working with a surrogate mother, the star for the first time.

Helps to cope with the excitement of the launch of the new collection of sunglasses in collaboration with the brand Carolina Lemke. Until the summer Kim will present more than 20 kinds of accessories. Them so much that she Kardashian can’t choose. The star admits that she loves to constantly change the images, some of which lowlands are sunglasses.

An official statement about the imminent birth of the fourth child, Kim has done in the 16th season of the reality show “the Family Kardashian”. The sex of the baby is known, in may the couple will have another boy. “We don’t want anyone to know until the baby’s born,” says Kim of his relatives. However, the secret is to keep family, most likely, will not succeed. The eldest daughter of Kim — 5-year-old North is already running at the school and tells the news to classmates.

As I told my eldest Kardashian sisters, she didn’t even think that their family will have a fourth child. I’m very worried, but trying to control myself! Didn’t expect it would happen so soon! said Kardashian.

The family of Kim and Kanye and with time only grows stronger, but her sisters not so smooth. Recall that in the network appeared information about the fact that the father daughter Chloe cheated on her with her best friend Kylie Jenner. About when the star herself learned about the incident is not spoken, but the network has condemned the release of Chloe right after the announcement of the news! Kim broke down and sent a message to all those who think that her sister had to grieve and not to leave the house.

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