Son Tabakov spoke about the changes in the health status of the father

Сын Табакова рассказал о переменах в состоянии здоровья отца
Oleg Pavlovich has become much better.

Oleg Tabakov

The status of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov has improved. About it
RIA news said the eldest son of national artist Anton. “In comparison
with the moment of admission to the hospital it feels better
I would like to feel even better
than at the moment”, — said Anton.

Recall from
as long as the artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov was hospitalized in
The first city hospital on 27 November, the Network appeared new
reports of condition of national artist. Unfortunately, optimistic forecasts
these reports were few. Artist attributed to pneumonia, sepsis, and
also the stun condition, which is very close to a coma.

Fortunately, the news about
poor health Oleg Pavlovich was greatly exaggerated. Yesterday Leonid
Printers, which oversees, including medical facilities of the capital and many
years was a practicing physician said that the state of the actor at the moment
stable. “I can say that today as Oleg Pavlovich stable,
assured Printers. All indicators, including blood counts,
improve. He had the appetite. He slowly began to stand up. We are seeing
a positive trend. So agents of funeral services please do not
to worry”.