Yana Troyanova showed looked like in his youth

Яна Троянова показала, как выглядела в юности
The star of the series “Olga” were a model before.

Photo: Instagram

Yana Troyanova not cease to make surprises to his fans. This time the actress has published in his personal blog a photo of himself, 24-year-old. It turns out that at that time Troyanova worked as a model.

“I was very shy during the photo shoot, admitted Jan. — I am still very shy! Really, I like Scarlet Johansson?”

Fans rightly noted that this is not Ian looked like a Hollywood actress, and she’s the star of Russian cinema. Still Troyanova older, and the championship should definitely belong to her. By the way, some of the subscribers of the actress compared to Jan even with Shakira.

In fact, now Troyanova is very similar to his mother, but in the childhood the future actress did not think so.

“I remember in four years, I said to the grandmother that my real mother — Alla Pugacheva — told Troyanova in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — Grandma advised: “don’t tell mother, she’ll be offended”. And I said, “That’s her problem! We with Christina have mixed. Let mom christelle takes”. It seemed to me that Cristina’s on my mom more similar than Pugachev. We have all the women in the family the same type that she is, tall, thoroughbred… And I was the ugly duckling, skinny, small, three hairs on her head…”

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