Do not switch: Olga Buzova will show all the Christmas television

Не переключайтесь: Ольгу Бузову покажут во всех новогодних телеэфирах
Aspiring singer declared himself the perfection and revealed the details of participation in the “lights”.

Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova realized his dream of working in
New year’s eve, and the star will be able to combine several orders. Olga will be singing on stage, she’s with screen TVs will greet viewers
with the New year. The festive show of the channel STS, the presenter will try from two images.

First, in the company of Sergey Lazarev, Irina
Dubtsova and Stas Kostushkin TV presenter,
dressed in a short gold dress, sing about the main symbol of the year —
dog. For the filming of this number the stars brought to the site of their Pets.
Olga admitted that he often takes the work of the Yorkshire Terrier eve and Spitz
Chelsea: “Today they are well behaved, but
I was very nervous. In General, I need them! You know, the way to a man’s heart
is through his stomach, and the way to the heart of Olga Buzova — through dogs.” By the way,
Eva and Chelsea have an account in Instagram,
which has 79 000 subscribers.

In another room, Olga
turned into Mary Poppins. Specifically for filming, she sewed a blue dress and
the hat, which is exactly the same way Natalia Andreichenko in the famous
film. “Song “the perfect Lady” so
is perfect for me. Who if not I could sing? — smiles Olga. We repeated an image from the film, the audience will see me
completely different. I will be very elegant and stylish”.

Fitting multiple images in a new year broadcast of STS — do not limit opportunities for Olga, accustomed to working around the clock. Buzova managed to play also in the holiday editions of TNT, the First channel and several “buttons”. It seems that in this New year, fans of the leading “House-2” will be up in the morning to chant your favorite chant: “we are happy!”