Son Stas Piekha will be released on the big stage

Сын Стаса Пьехи выйдет на большую сцену Edita intends to invite great-grandchildren at the jubilee concert. In late July a folk artist is 80 years old. She loves kids – her three year old son Stas Piekha Pete, and the four daughters of his sister Erica Vasilisa.

From a well-known musician and graduate of the fourth “American idol” Stas Peha grows year-old son Peter. Last year the actor broke up with his wife Natalia Gorchakova, but because the boy was left to live with his mother. Stas Peha: “building a house for his wife, to see my son”

Apparently, separation of parents did not affect the child all relatives keep in touch with each other. Great-grandmother of the famous Petit Edita and is going to submit it to the General public. At the end of July, she is 80 years old, and the artist hopes that in honor of her anniversary concert-two great-grandchildren come with her one scene. She loves kids and admires their achievements.

“For such a smart guy, and gifted. Goes to kindergarten with profound study of English, speak English. And Vasilisa — daughter Erika, sister of Stas, are also mischievous girl. They thought that the age difference is only one year. I very much hope that on the day of my anniversary concert they’ll both be on stage,” said Edita.

For two years after the birth of Petit, the famous actress could not see the grandson – the reason was the excessive workload and distance. Edita knew that the baby will be difficult with trips to Moscow and back to St. Petersburg. However, now that the boy has grown up, she has the opportunity to spend more time with him.

“The truth is, lately not as often as I would like, see my grandchildren. Recently, the wife of Stas came with his son Peter. It is almost four years,” said the artist.

Apparently, grandchildren and great-grandchildren love the Edita Stanislavovna. The actress admits that as a child wanted to become a teacher. She understands that in teaching, as in acting, you must be persuasive and interesting to the audience.

“I’m a certified elementary school teacher. Even took a three-month internship after graduating. I was a straight a student. Memory retained his passport. So I’d make a good teacher. I even jokingly sometimes called “the teacher of the great hall,” because there was no case to hall at my concerts were not filled — so for 30 years,” said Collins in an interview with “Izvestia”.