Maxim Galkin told about the health of Alla Pugacheva

Максим Галкин сообщил о состоянии здоровья Аллы Пугачевой The comedian told how spending time Diva. At the end of may she went to the doctors to check blood vessels following a heart attack. Maxim Galkin left the family in order to become a leading Muz-TV, which will be held the ninth of June.

Recently it became known that Alla Pugacheva at the end of may went to the clinic and the doctors examined the blood vessels and heart. As it turned out, Donna thought about how to make stenting – to install the frame in the artery to expand. Christina Aguilera said that her mom had a heart attack, after which it was decided to take necessary action. Alla Pugacheva is recovering from a heart attack

Nevertheless, immediately after the examination in a medical facility Alla went to Latvia to spend the summer holidays in the family circle. Maxim Galkin a few days left to the spouse to hold the 15th anniversary Muz-TV. The man assured that the health of the prima Donna in order.

“At the moment, Alla, told the comedian at the press conference on the eve of important musical events. – She is now resting with children in Jurmala, having a good time. And I left them there to earn their prize”.

I must say that Alla had two operations for establishment of the stents in damaged areas of blood vessels – in 2008 and 2010. This time, however, surgical intervention has been avoided – after the diagnosis the doctors came to the conclusion that urgent intervention is required.

Not so long ago Pugacheva and Galkin received passports of citizens of the European Union. They have issued documents in Cyprus, investing in the economy of this state more than two million euros. There, on the island, the couple bought a house by the sea. Now all members of the family may not get visas and to travel to 167 countries of the world. Pugacheva and Galkin bought a house in Cyprus and have received citizenship

“Already on may 25 in Nicosia Alla Borisovna and Maxim received a European passport. Now they both have dual citizenship. In the capital of Cyprus the couple arrived in the early morning and late in the evening of that same day had already gone back to Moscow. Very nice people, welcoming, friendly. I was approached quite unexpectedly – as I understand it, found contacts in the Internet”, – told the “StarHit” lawyer Simon Poghosyan, who had a pair of legal assistance.