Dean Nemtsov said that helped her to survive the death of the father

Дина Немцова рассказала, что помогло ей пережить смерть отца Answering questions from subscribers, the girl remembered the sad events of February 2015, when a prominent politician tragically died. Dean Nemtsov admits that it was extremely difficult life period. The heiress of the famous family were able to overcome it with the right motivation.
Дина Немцова рассказала, что помогло ей пережить смерть отца

15-year-old Dina Nemtsov, the daughter of the tragically deceased politician and Catherine Odintsov, recently created their own page on the service Recently, a girl asked about how it relates to reading. Dean decided to give a detailed review on this topic. “The word “love”, in my opinion, will be enough,” she explained.

The ex-wife Nemtsov told how her children coped with the tragedy

In his publication of Nemtsov admitted that he was once fond of writing short stories. According to the girl, it was in 2012.

“I was an introverted kid and a big part of my childhood spent playing with dolls alone. And it wasn’t sad, but on the contrary: I was up each toy its own history. Born are the real stories for low-budget soap Opera,” said Dean.

To know ourselves, the successor of the famous names began to read books. Dean admitted that he really fell in love with literature in 2014. “This happened under the influence of several remarkable people – remember Dean. I have a friend who wrote beautiful poetry and she told me that her work is inspired by Brodsky. It was very interesting prose. She really wanted to go to the Patriarch’s ponds, as the novel “Master and Margarita” was her favorite work.”

She also remembered the dire events of the beginning of 2015, when her father Boris Nemtsov tragically passed away. Then, he told Dean, it was extremely difficult. Even reading didn’t help daughter of a politician to cope with the pain from its loss. Only a year later, she returned to his beloved hobby.

“In the beginning of 2015 I was very depressed. I read something from time to time, but I didn’t have the strength for something deep. I subconsciously wanted to alleviate their condition, and developing the soul of literature very often makes a man cry – shared Dina. – Then, in 2016, I again started to read. Not to say that stress from the tragedy that occurred in Feb 2015, has passed, but I continued to move on. I wanted dad to be proud of me, that was motivation.”

The passage of time after the death of a loved one, the girl has got to cope with destructive emotions. “I felt a little easier,” said Dean. According to Nemtsova, in books you can learn many interesting things. “Literature is necessary in order not to step on the rake, which has already come someone you to. In addition to read very interesting”, – said the heiress of a famous family.