Ex-participant of “VIA gra” was horrified by the result, “beauty shots”

Экс-участница «ВИА Гры» ужаснула результатом «уколов красоты» The meseda Bagaudinova not know the subscribers. In a new selfie artist fans saw how changed her face. The most attentive followers considered that it increased the lips. The singer has not commented on these observations.

The former participant of group “VIA Gra” Meseda Bagaudinova surprised the audience of “Instagram” the new change in appearance. Subscribers artist felt that the star increased the lips. Some followers believe that the woman is too obsessed with procedures to improve appearance.

“Meseda, you have an incredible appearance, but you of course so was your old lip to anything they had to pump up,” said one of podeschi.

In the previous pictures, this effect was not appreciable, so the followers came to the conclusion that the ex-soloist of the women’s team was gradually injected fillers in the mouth area, thereby correcting the shape. Meseda has not commented on the changes.

By the way, looks Bagaudinova has repeatedly caused controversy from her fans. Once fans accused the actress that she does not follow the figure as he saw a strange the.

“Everything went because of the pictures I captured in the wrong angle. My max weight reached 62 kilos with the growth of 173 centimeters. I try not to eat at night and go to the gym. Drink plenty of fluids. And be sure to cleanse. Don’t have to do it hungry. You can, for example, sit on the apples,” said the star about his secrets.

Recall that Meseda a single mother with a five year old son Aspara. Her marriage to businessman Alan collapsed in 2015. The artist does not advertise a relationship with a new lover, but makes it clear that she has many fans, posting pictures of luxurious bouquets of roses on social networks. However, on Valentine’s Day, ex-member of the trio said that her heart is still free.

Likely the relationship with a hot Caucasian man remembered her negatively. The ex-spouse is largely restricted Meseda and forced to do only household chores. But she wanted to devote themselves to creative activities.

“Sooner or later in every life there is such a person, after which you change. And it does not matter, it was this boundless happiness or crazy pain. You just know that the same you’re never gonna be,” said Bagaudinova under one post, not specifying to whom I have dedicated these words.