Сын Ирины Агибаловой уехал учиться в Англию Eks-the participant “Houses-2” is experiencing due to the separation from Oleg. 16-year-old heir to Irina Agibalova went to Oxford to improve his knowledge in English. Parents for the first time let a guy go alone so far away from her. “Heart skipped a beat,” wrote about his feelings the star of the reality show.

      Сын Ирины Агибаловой уехал учиться в Англию

      The son of one of the most notable former participants of the project “Dom-2” Irina Agibalova, 16-year-old Oleg part of summer vacation will hold, improving their knowledge in the English language. The teenager went to England on a special program. To live a young man at Oxford, in the family. So he will be a full immersion not only in the language but also the culture of the UK.

      Talking about parting with her son, Irina Agibalova admitted that the decision to send their youngest of three children so far, has given her a very hard time. “Escort the son, – said Irina in a microblog. – Heart skipped a beat, of course. The first time Michiel flies alone, but studying is important!” By words eks-stars “House-2”, calm and confidence gives her the idea that living in London the parents of the husband of her daughter Margaret, and they promised that they will be happy at a party of Oleg and to tell him the capital of England, to see which he wanted.

      “Unlike me, he speaks good English, so I’m sure that it will only benefit. To gain good experience, knowledge at any age is good! So, let’s wish all together a good productive trip to Oleg, let typed positive emotions, knowledge, and we will be glad for it” – optimistically concluded his post Irina Agibalova.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Irina Agibalova can be considered as a sample of homemakers. She and her husband have three children – two daughters and a son have grandchildren. In this famous thelebanese looks fresh and young, she’s slender and good-looking. Irina Agibalova is the household – in her microblog, you can often see photos of delicious dishes, well-groomed infield, tastefully furnished rooms in a country house. Plus Agibalova always finds time to help his daughter Margaret in the education of children.

      Сын Ирины Агибаловой уехал учиться в Англию

      Agibalov-senior gets along great with her two grandchildren – six-year-old Mitya seventeen-month-old Bella. Irina Agibalova replaced the grandchildren’s mother

      Irina loves children and tries to spend with them as much as possible. Not so long ago she visited Cyprus, where he now lives with Rita’s family. Irina a few days looking after grandchildren to give daughter with her husband the possibility of the two of us to travel and to relax from everyday worries.


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