Галина Юдашкина показала фигуру в бикини после родов After birth, the daughter of the famous couturier returned to its former shape. Galina Yudashkin did not hide that spent a lot of time in the gym as quickly as possible to gain a slim figure. Fans were delighted that just three months the young mother was able to lose the extra pounds.

      Галина Юдашкина показала фигуру в бикини после родов

      In the family of the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin three months ago was a joyful event. His only daughter Galina for the first time became a mother. Even before the birth of the baby was chosen as the name for the boy. The son was called Anatoly was my grandfather’s wife Galina Peter Maksakova, a famous diplomat Anatoly Dobrynin. Galina Yudashkin baptized son. PHOTO

      After the birth of first-born young mother immediately began to worry about how to bring your weight back to normal and return Dobermann figure. Yudashkin started to limit themselves in eating and began to spend a lot of time in the gym. But now Galina is proud to show in swimsuit results of your weight loss. Now the daughter of fashion designer spends time in Monte Carlo, where he arrived for a friends wedding. Galina posted a photo where she poses in bikini by the pool. Fans of this picture made a lasting impression. Members noted that a young mother is in fine form, and her figure is impossible to say that not so long ago, she gave birth to a child.

      “You got a beautiful swimsuit and the figure is excellent, it is not obvious that gave birth. Good for you”, “Porcelain doll”, “Babe. And swimsuit cool”, “you look great! Well recovered after childbirth,” – generously awarded compliments of followers.

      In order to attain the desired Galina Yudashkin no expense was spared on sports and talked about the hard training of his fans. The husband fully supported the commitment to training his wife and made her company. The daughter of a famous fashion designer did not hesitate to do the exercises right in the middle of the street. Galina did not hide the fact that during the pregnancy gained a couple of dozen extra pounds. She admitted that losing weight is not as easy as we would like.

      “So, I started my postpartum recovery. All I was told, eat what you want and then lose weight. As a result, gained twenty pounds in pregnancy. I didn’t think it would be so hard to drop… pre-pregnancy Weight – 43 kg. Start with functional training on air, a proper, balanced diet and special massage” – shared his plans Yudashkin with fans.

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