Зара провела выходные в компании «опасного» мужчины The singer did not hide, who gives her positive emotions. Zara has two sons, Daniel and Maxim. The graduate of “factory of stars” loves their children and constantly pleases fans of photos with the children.

      Зара провела выходные в компании «опасного» мужчины

      Singer Zara not so long ago told about the divorce with her husband Sergei Ivanov. The singer announced that she and former husband came to a mutual agreement to part. Singer Zara openly talked about the divorce with her husband

      Now a graduate of “factory of stars-6” itself has two sons, Daniel and Maxim. The singer adores his children and shows every fans, as spending time with the boys. Today, the artist once again demonstrated with heartwarming footage of his youngest son Maxim.

      “Kiss the most dangerous pirate in the world! Impossible to forget! Not to fall in love! Good morning, my dear!” – appealed to fans of the celebrity.

      Fans were touched by this beautiful photo and the love and care of Zara talks about his child. They are not stingy on the compliments to the singer, and left numerous “likes”.

      “What class! The mood of the morning lifts, And very charming. This piratic easily rubbed into the trust. Good morning! Beautiful Sunny day to you too!” “Sarochka what you pretty! Admire, dear, photos from your vacation,” wrote the followers of the graduate of “factory of stars”.

      Zara constantly listens to his children and tries to fulfill the wishes of the heirs. Even in those matters which relate to her creative work.

      “They recommend me what songs to sing at concerts. Somehow in one of my concerts I sang eight songs in a row, and they liked the arrangement of songs. And now they ask me to sing it in the same order”, – admitted the actress.

      Also the boys try to understand the business mom. Maxim and Daniel not shy to talk with her colleagues and share with them their stories of life. “Sometimes I do some activities with renowned partners, and Dan Maxim call and say, “Mom, where are you?” I said, “Lead night”. – “With whom?” “Valdis Pelham”. – “Can I talk to him?” I give up, and they talk. Dan began to tell that recently broke his arm. Valdis asks, “How did you manage that?” The son answers: “I’m from the sofa fell”. As Valdis said, “I Come this bad couch taken?” “Yes, take it back.” In General, they will always find something to talk about,” said Zara in an interview.

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