Son of David Beckham explained why he refused to continue his father’s

Сын Дэвида Бекхэма рассказал, почему отказался продолжать дело отца
Brooklyn decided to go his own way.

Brooklyn Beckham with dad


18-year-old Brooklyn
Beckham, who announced his intention to become a professional photographer
admitted that he was always asking questions, why wouldn’t he
to be a footballer like his dad David. Brooklyn, who have already order bored with this topic
decided in a recent interview to make clear this question.

“You know, I started
I played football when I was 2 years old. I have spent 15 years in good faith
tried to achieve better results. But to constantly hear yourself
behind my back: “Look, he’s doing
error. He is far from the father…” And these comparisons, as well as my constant and desperate attempt something
someone to prove me completely “finished”. Don’t get me wrong, I love
football and I often go with my father to the matches. But decided to go her own path!” said Brooklyn.

In 15 years, as told
Brooklyn, his father gave him his first camera. “His first photos I did
when dad gave me my first
“the camera”. And this lesson I was so fascinated that ever since I take pictures of everything
time”, — told the son of David. Guy recently published his first photo album. And this fall began teaching at new York University. “There I
I will examine all aspects of this art and hope to work as
assistant in any well-known wizard, specializing in
the photographs in the field of the fashion industry,” the
told Brooklyn.