Anastasia Makeeva Irina Lachin rescued a baby

Анастасия Макеева и Ирина Лачина спасли малыша
Good deed star has caused a stir in the Network.

Анастасия Макеева и Ирина Лачина спасли малыша

Anastasia Makeeva

Анастасия Макеева и Ирина Лачина спасли малыша

Irina Lachin

Photo: GAU “Moscow zoo”

Irina Lachin and shared good news. She had
new pet — an adorable puppy mutts that she rescued along with
Anastasia Makeeva. Some time ago, Anastasia turned to his
fans asking for help.

“In Anapa helpless puppy, unable to produce their own food,
surf to vacationers! — said the actress. People fly through the day and not
can take it with you. Most likely, the poor will die of dehydration. To people
afraid to come to the beach. Urgently need help in keeping!”

At the request of the star immediately responded to girls who agreed
a few days to keep the kid at home. Meanwhile, Irina Lachin,
where you already have a dog, contacted Makeeva and expressed a desire to take the dog to

“Thanks to the Internet and remote technologies I was able,
being in another country, contact Nastya. She also at that time was for
border. Through her friend I got in touch with the girls who sheltered puppy
time. And the baby was taken to Moscow by plane. Husband took him to the airport
check that everything is in order that the puppy sleeps. His house waiting for toys, food and
soft bedding . However, toys have to buy double the amount below
eldest Mihryutka not become jealous of the baby. For those who don’t know:
Mihryutka was picked up by me two years ago on tour, he grew up in a very
beloved and very indulged dog. Now our new member of the family has already settled. It is very
smart, thorough, charming and yet so small! Our cats
more his size.”

Fans were moved by the act of the two Actresses and touchingly thanked star for saving the puppy. It should be noted that many artists do such actions, which invariably causes the fans delight and gratitude.

Photo: Instagram