Zhanna badoeva tried his hand as a Barista

Жанна Бадоева попробовала себя в роли бариста
The star of the show “heads and Tails” went on an interesting master class.

Zhanna Badoeva

Photo: press service

At the last Picnic Afisha center of attraction for all
coffee people became workshop coffee famous brand, special guest
where was the charming presenter Joan badoeva. She
spent the day on a large and exciting Playground consisting of several zones.

The most popular all day
used area of the master classes there main topic was preparation
organic coffee at home. All the details of this process to the guests
told the Barista in the company of Jeanne badoeva and popular food blogger
Nastya Rubik. They ask the audience tough questions on knowledge of coffee
wisdom, and tried to make coffee in coffee pot, French press and
the funnel, making sure that there is nothing difficult. Guests away
the educational process that many remained for a few master classes
in a row, learning from each something new.

“I always thought of myself as a good connoisseur of coffee —
admitted Jeanne, but now I understand
that did many things incorrectly! That’s what it means to listen to a professional, now I
I know a lot of tricks, and my mandatory morning Cup of coffee is always
cooked perfectly”.