Son of Anna Sedokova was urgently hospitalized

Сына Анны Седоковой экстренно госпитализировали The first five days of his life, Hector spent in intensive care. Anna Sedokova celebrated the first birthday of a child and remembered what fear felt after giving birth. She and her grown daughters are very worried about the baby.
Сына Анны Седоковой экстренно госпитализировали

Recently singer Anna Sedokova celebrated the first year of the life of his youngest child, a son of Hector. The baby was born in one of maternity homes of the United States. The actress recalled the difficult period after birth. As it turned out, the doctors took the baby to the intensive care unit. Anna together with her two daughters Alina and Monica was very worried about the baby and waited, when will be able to take him home.

“When you came into my life, Dr. carried you and said that you need to remain in intensive care. Too fast beating heart. We all were so worried. The girls slept together, take turns on the chair, just not to miss the moment when you will open eyes and will see his family, and five days later we took you home, our lives changed! You’re my little man, you know everything. You never cry, and have learned not to cry when you fall or hit. You already took your first independent steps! We love you very much! Very much!” – wrote Anna in the microblog.

Anna is happy that a year ago her son was born. Just a month before the baby Sedokova received an offer of marriage from businessman Artem Komarov, the boy’s father. However, the marriage did not take place – as it turned out, the man didn’t like her singing career. Despite the fact that the artist for almost 20 years in show business may elect hoped to convince his beloved.

Anna Sedokova remembered about the horrors of life with a home tyrant

The singer is very candid with his fans. She often shares his experiences, methods of education and just a couple of days before the birthday, Anna spoke about the happy news – her son had made the first steps.

“You here for almost a year, and today you passed to me and as many as four steps! Or it seemed to me that you’ve been through, I don’t know. You may by inertia rushed and fell into my arms. I always catch, support and invent what is not there. I’m a woman. You’re my son, and it is fortunate that I have you!” – admitted Anna.

Despite the fact that his son Sedokova only a year, she already talks about what a bride would like to see next to him. “I promise not to be a crazy mom, which would like all your women. I’m just a normal mom. I promise to take even someone with a piercing. And if you have them still will be a lot, I’ll try to explain what “a lot” of happiness does not bring. You need to look for one. The one that makes you get up in the morning. One where you care about. The one for which you want to become the best version of myself and conquer all the continents! One that can you are easy to laugh when you feel lousy and will be one that will be better than to cook because you’re my son, and it is important that you ate well”, – said the artist.