Maxim Galkin revealed the mysteries of his family

Максим Галкин раскрыл тайны своей семьи Comedian and broadcaster sincerely and spoke movingly about her mother. Maxim Galkin cherish the memories of loved ones. Artist grateful to my parents for all they did for him, he urged his followers to cherish their families.
Максим Галкин раскрыл тайны своей семьи

Humorist and TV presenter Maxim Galkin in the early 2000s have lost both parents. He and his older brother was hard to accept with a heavy loss. As it turned out, the woman was sick, and the organism was not able to overcome the disease. “Mom has been gone for exactly 14 years ago, April 9, 2004. 7 APR between tours I visited her in Israel, where she was treated. The deterioration came on suddenly. Say when and where going, has a value, don’t know, but then everything just fell together. The mother died in the Holy Land this week, with the most important Jewish holiday of Passover, Good Friday, before the onset of Shabbat, on the eve of Orthodox and Catholic Easter, which in that year was one Sunday. My brother and I arrived in Israel when he descended the Holy Fire, and took the mother in Russia on Sunday in celebration of Easter,” – said Galkin.

Максим Галкин раскрыл тайны своей семьи

The artist is very grateful to mom for what she did for him. The presenter shared the story of his family subscribers. He published a clipping from an old newspaper in which he wrote about his mother when she was little. Maxim, as it turned out, keeps everything associated with the closest people.

“This is an article in the newspaper “Free Bulgaria” for July 31, 1946, which notes that he made a five-year Pagina Natasha, my mother. Mom with her parents two years after the war, lived in Bulgaria, where he was stationed Soviet troops. Grandfather Grisha with his grandmother and little daughter lived in the house of the Bulgarian manufacturer. Despite the situation of this housing seal, two families became friends. Unfortunately, upon returning to the Soviet Union grandfather, being a high-ranking military, could not in Stalinist times to communicate with fellow capitalists in Bulgaria, and a link of friendship broken,” said Galkin.
Максим Галкин раскрыл тайны своей семьи

The famous showman told how more than 20 years ago, I went to a country where he spent his childhood by his mother. They tried to find the place where Natalia Grigorievna lived a little girl. Surprisingly they managed to find the right house. Moreover, there they were waiting for an unexpected meeting.

Максим Галкин раскрыл тайны своей семьи“In 1996, my parents went to Bulgaria. We visited many Bulgarian cities, including stopped in the beautiful Sliven, where a child’s mother lived. Mom decided to try from memory, not really hoping for success, find the house in which she lived. We walked through the old town, and she stopped near one of the houses. “This, in my opinion,” the mother called to the gate. In the courtyard appeared the gray-haired man. Mom said that she lived here fifty years ago. The man’s face changed, he smiled and said, “Natasha!” It was incredible! Half a century later! The man was the son of a factory owner, in 1946 he was seventeen. In the photo he is with my mom that day. We spent several hours visiting, came his older sister, they with great warmth remembered those years, and our family,” recalled the showman.