Pregnant Svetlana Loboda has provoked rumors about the engagement

Беременная Светлана Лобода спровоцировала слухи о помолвке Fans believe that the celebrity is preparing for the wedding. The heated discussions on the Network was a recent photo of Svetlana Loboda, which saw the engagement ring. The artist herself has yet to respond to comments from fans.

On Sunday all the believers celebrated Easter. Was no exception and the 35-year-old singer Svetlana Loboda. The actress is now in Los Angeles, preparing for the appearance of a second child. Celebrity avoids to post pictures, which would be a noticeable change in her figure. Recently Svetlana has published a picture, which provoked discussion in the Network. At the resonant frame Loboda posing on the belt. Fans saw on the finger star ring with diamond. In their opinion, the singer is preparing for the wedding.

About who became the darling Svetlana, is not known. The singer prefers to refrain from comments about his personal life. It is possible that the father of the second child actress made her an offer of marriage. The most Loboda repeatedly said that raising one child is hard, and expressed the hope that the daughter Evangelina takes her new man.

Monday, April 9, the successor to Svetlana’s birthday. Celebrity daughter turned seven years old. The actress congratulated me, was really exciting, leaving her warm wishes in microblogging.

“This little girl became my great friend. As a mom, I teach her to be kind and sympathetic, to love one’s neighbor and to be able to be compassionate, to give to those in need… And remember that God gives us wings to fly and roots to know where to return… your birthday, my darling girl. May the angels keep you,” wrote the singer in Instagram.

Fans of Svetlana joined her congratulations and wished me, was really exciting to grow up healthy and happy. “It is a great joy to have a daughter-girlfriend”, “Let them be as talented as mom”, “How time flies”, “Wonderful words”, “You are so beautiful in pictures” – commented the users of social networks.

The heiress of the singer Evangelina was born on 9 APR 2011. The child’s father was the dancer and choreographer Andrei King. Despite the fact that the girl’s parents broke up, they kept a good relationship for the child. Svetlana allows Andrew to see me, was really exciting. According to the singer, the ex-beloved constantly calls up to the girl. “Thanks to this close relationship has never heard from the daughter’s tearful questions from the “Why isn’t daddy living with us?”. We have a very warm relationship, understand each other perfectly,” said Loboda “StarHit”.

That Svetlana is again in an interesting position, it became known at the awards “Heat”. Then the actress came out in an outfit that hides the figure. Later, the star has confirmed that it is preparing for the baby’s arrival. According to some, the star is allegedly expecting a child from the soloist of the German band Rammstein till Lindemann. The most Loboda and her alleged lover did not respond to the speculation of the public. Svetlana Loboda hides the father of the unborn child from parents