Son Kostya Tszyu sitting on a strict diet before the first fight

Сын Кости Цзю сидит на строгой диете перед первым боем The heir to the athlete prepares for the big event. A young man support the family members, but in the tournament to attend. close. The boy’s father is now immersed in caring for a newborn daughter.

      Сын Кости Цзю сидит на строгой диете перед первым боем

      “I always wanted to be a professional boxer, just nobody talked about it – shared 22-year-old Timothy Tszyu. – Since 2009 was engaged in an Amateur. The last few years coaching children after the divorce, mom and dad left me a Boxing gym in Sydney. Matured, it’s time to become independent, and I chose not to seriously engage in sports. On hearing this, the mother cried for a night. For many years she saw dad with a broken face, always worried. Made me learn to be a Manager in College. Wanted to go to work in a tie and a briefcase, but I’m not. I can’t do this all the time to listen to my mother? And will cry, I give her a napkin.

      21-year-old son Kostya Tszyu boasted “pontovo” numbers auto

      “Dad said on the phone. “Son, this is a serious decision, – he said. But I’ll support you in everything.”

      About your first opponent, I do not know. But the main thing – to train, to plow. I exercise six times a week for four hours. In the morning, running around and swinging, and in the evening fight. I have one day off, to spend with my family. Usually we go to a Chinese or Korean restaurant. I have three months sitting on a strict diet. And so you want pizza. Now I weigh 72 kg at growth of 180 cm.

      During the battle, listen to the voice of my mother. On 17 December she and her younger sister Anastasia will come to support me at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Younger brother Nikita will not, he will fly to Japan with a girl. Papa could not fly. He has a daughter, now there your worries.

      My plan is to get the title of world champion in Boxing. The second fight is scheduled for February 2017. I will fight 4-5 times a year. I hope that soon will be able to enter the ring in Russia, if dad will help. I won’t deny it: his name is very helpful. In Australia he is an idol. But I want to do in the future specify what Tszyu Boxing – Kostya or Tim”.