Mother Pelageya has commented on the rumors about her birth

Мама Пелагеи прокомментировала слухи о ее родах A woman is angry when she asked about family life. For several days fans Pelageya discuss in advance the birth of her first child. However, the relatives of the artist is not seeking to prevent numerous speculation.

      Мама Пелагеи прокомментировала слухи о ее родах

      Singer Pelageya carefully guards his personal life from the spotlight of public scrutiny. And after she left the chair of the mentor show “the Voice”, many fans only occasionally see on the screens of their favorite artist. Not so long ago in the Network appeared the information that the folk-singer first became a mother. Suppose even that long-awaited baby was born a month ago.

      However, not all fans took as truth the news of the birth of the artist. They do not stop to discuss whether Pelagia was already being nursed child. Mother of the singer Svetlana Khanova tired of questions about the personal life of his daughter, but, nevertheless, did not prevent the dissemination of rumors and speculation.

      “This is intolerable! Please, leave us alone, ‘ said Svetlana. – Neither I, nor the Pelagia will not talk about her personal life.”

      Ridiculed the alleged birth Pelageya music editor of the show “the Voice” Aziz. She tried to show a sense of humor in his microblog. “The singer Aziz and singer “Pelageya”, who today (or a month ago?) secretly gave birth in the mountains of the firstborn. The thirst for cultural enrichment have led both from the hospital straight to the concert the genius of Michel Le Grand,” published the pearl of wit Aziz.

      Мама Пелагеи прокомментировала слухи о ее родах

      It is possible, Pelagia tries not to talk about his personal life because of the scandal around its Alliance with hockey player Ivan by Telegony. For the former mentor show “the Voice” the man left his lover and baby, which was born in February. However, passionate love, which broke out between Ivan and Pelageya, spodvignulo athlete to make her an offer of marriage. The singer agreed to marry his chosen one.

      “The proposal Field received in the spring, and, of course, immediately accepted it, because they have a van crazy love, says friend of the family Valeria. – Engagement ring with a diamond of several carats it never took off, but was in no hurry to shout about the status of the bride. Quietly came to the games, made friends with all the wives of the hockey players. Made friends especially with Nastya Subsky and Leroy Kudryavtseva”.

      As reports the edition “”, in response to congratulations on the birth of grandson’s mother Pelageya was quite harsh in his statements and refused to talk about his daughter.