The star of “Happy together” was involved in a serious accident

Звезда «Счастливы вместе» попал в серьезную аварию Alexey Sekirin miraculously survived. The actor did not go to the hospital because the airbag has deployed. The artist believes that the driver who crashed into his car just lost control, so he flew into the opposite lane.

      Звезда «Счастливы вместе» попал в серьезную аварию

      The night before, the star of the TV series “Happy together” Alexey Sekirin was returning from work in his car. Suddenly, the right lane was hit by a car. Behind the wheel was a girl. As suggested by the actor, the driver simply lost control.

      “The car flew at me from the oncoming lane, – said, “StarHit” Sekirin. I can’t say exactly why it happened until it was examination. Maybe there was a malfunction in the car, but I think the driver just lost control. I was lucky – I wasn’t badly hurt, although the car badly dented”.

      Alex refused admission, because it did not receive serious injuries in a traffic accident. “I have just a couple of bruises, however, a hand badly cut, but now overall I feel good. Escaped with not serious injuries, so she will not have to compensate me for treatment,” said Alexei.

      The machine actor was insured. Now he awaits the verdict, whether a vehicle recovery or not. If the car can be fixed, the actor will not spend money on a new iron horse.

      Звезда «Счастливы вместе» попал в серьезную аварию

      Actor Alexey Sekirin became famous thanks to the acclaimed sitcom “Happy together”. There he played the roommate of the main characters of Eugene Stepanov. The artist also starred in numerous films such as “the City of temptations”, “the Reckoning,” “Dark side of the soul” and many others.

      With the onset of frost the number of traffic accidents has increased significantly. Not long ago, the famous TV presenter Olga Buzova with his friend crashed into a pole. The reason for the accident was black ice, because of which the girlfriend of a celebrity has not coped with management. Fortunately the girls, the collision was not so serious – they escaped with minor injuries.

      “Olga was very frightened, but still tried to smile, – said the employee of a separate battalion of traffic police of traffic police Andrey Ants. Mostly she said, and she was silent. It turns out that the girl drove Buzova home, and bumped into the terrible ice. In spite of studded tires, the car skidded and was thrown into the oncoming lane. According to the victims, their twisted, whereby the speed plummeted, and then took to the sidelines, straight into the post.”