Сын Калашниковой был рожден не от Шаляпина Wedding of a popular singer and his lady on the verge of collapse. On program shootings “Let speak” the results of the DNA test star for paternity. It turned out that the child Anna Daniel is not a native son Prohor.

      Сын Калашниковой был рожден не от Шаляпина

      Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova raising the son of Daniel. Recently they are in good company marked the first birthday boy. It would seem that no problems in their relations there. But singer not once doubted that it was not his child, so he decided to take a paternity test.

      Anna Kalashnikov about the cancellation of the wedding: “we Prokhor began scandals”

      On shootings of the program “Let them talk”, which is expected today at 19:50 on the First channel, the results of this examination. Recall that the child Kalashnikova was born over a year ago. According to the lawyer Prokhorov Maya Sandler, Anna then refused to Prokhor took her from the hospital, saying that she’s not in the best shape. This is very alarmed relatives of the singer. In addition, in the birth certificate of the boy is in the “middle” is the name of the Pope Kalashnikova.

      Prokhor Shalyapin: “No the wedding is off”

      Maya Sandler also said that, according to the DNA test, his paternity is excluded. According to sister later, two more people can be potential fathers of Daniel.

      Anna Kalashnikov is not recognized in connection with other men

      After such news the upcoming wedding of Chaliapin and Kalashnikov may not happen. Young people already had time to rehearse the wedding ceremony and to take part in a spectacular photo shoot. The bride chose a gorgeous dress with a train and even showed it to his fans on the social network. Chaliapin told journalists earlier that he will meet her wife about the ZAGS on a white horse as she wants to be a real Princess. Originally, they had planned to sign in April, but they had to postpone the Grand event because of the death of grandma Anna.

      Сын Калашниковой был рожден не от Шаляпина

      “On the one hand, I have some feelings for Anna. But I don’t want to marry a woman who lied to me! Please give me some time so I could comprehend everything that happened!”, he requested the public. In turn, the bride of singer Anna immediately made a u in his arms and said that all these results are true and real forgery.

      We will remind that earlier on the program “live” Chaliapin said he was ready to undergo a DNA test because he had doubts whether the Daniel of his own son. Then the ex-wife of Prokhor Larissa Kopenkina, whom he divorced in early 2015, reported that all already for a long time talking about the fact that the child Kalashnikova not from the singer.

      “If Prokhorov now still marry this girl, he anyway will need to adopt a child” – said the lawyer of the stars Sandler.

      Some time ago friends Kalashnikova said “StarHit” that the real father of Daniel was the Armenian oligarch. According to the environment of Anna, during her studies in the distance learning people’s University of the arts, she began a relationship with one of employees of the University Armen. Friends said that he fully provides for his beloved: a girl rented an apartment in an elite house on Khoroshevskoye highway, gave an expensive car, helped to open showrooms in Moscow. All girlfriends Kalashnikova are of the opinion that he may be the father of little Daniel. Friends told, from whom indeed pregnant bride Prokhor Chaliapin


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