Сергей Зверев прокомментировал своё участие в «Евровидении-2017»
The actor is about to conquer the musical peaks.

Sergey Zverev

Photo: Instagram.com

Sergey Zverev announced his candidacy for the role of the representative of Russia at Eurovision-2017″. Artist I am sure that he, like anyone else, will be able to capture the sympathy of the audience from all over Europe. Sergey, in case of its participation in the international competition, predicts long-awaited victory for Russia. About it Zverev said in one of his last interviews.

According to the actor, his image is perfect for the participation in “Eurovision”. Moreover, he admitted that he has repeatedly offered to perform at the song contest, but he was forced to withdraw due to Patriotic feelings. It is configured to be exclusively Russian.

However, 53-year-old Sergei a little confused by his age. But does not the fact that he looks bad. The singer thinks about how, not whether he should give way to young artists. By the way, their appearance he was not just happy, but proud. In an interview, he even compared himself with his famous contemporaries — Patricia Kaas, who in his opinion is also remarkably preserved.

Incidentally, the inspiration of Sergei was Alla Pugacheva, who first heard the work Zvereva recommended not to bury their talents and grow in the music industry. The flamboyant artist listened to the advice of a diva and since then has performed concerts throughout Russia.

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